Developed Business Ideas for you to start

We have told you a thousand times: the future of work is self-employment.

Nowadays, we have the tools necessary for starting lots of profitable Businesses with reduced structure costs.

However, why there is so many people ignoring this fact?

People are not ignoring this fact. They simply hesitate about whether it is really possible to start a profitable business easily or not.


Despite all the valuable information available on Internet, there are not so many Websites with good content about how to start a profitable real Business.

  • They just list a dozen Business Ideas not giving a single clue about how to develop them.

If you look for advice on Internet about how to start a profitable Business, you’ll find 2 main types of websites:

  • One kind of site, gives lots of Business Ideas.
    • However, they don’t tell you how to start or develop them.
  • The second kind of website, just talks about SEO and how to monetize your website.

Not everybody loves SEO or wants to become a YouTuber.

People need ideas about how starting different Businesses they may like.

In this section, we want to give you different Business Ideas but also the steps you should follow in order to start them in a profitable way.

Our target with this Business Ideas section

Of course, we are not experts in all the Business sectors we’ll explain.

However, since we have been working in Venture Capital for years, we know how to assess a Project, whether or not it is economically viable and what would be the best way to approach it.

In this section we want to use all our professional experience for analyzing interesting Business Ideas so we can help you finding the one that best suits you.

We want to do it in a professional way, analyzing:

  • How feasible those Business Ideas are.
  • Whether or not they can be profitable Business.
  • All the steps we think you should follow.

And we want to explain it to you in an easy “understandable” way.

Why is this section different to the Entrepreneurship one

They are complementary sections:

  • In the “Entrepreneurship” section, we gave you advices about what you should do when starting your business.
  • In this section, we just want to analyze and share with you which Business ideas would be the best for you to start.

So please, as soon as you find one interesting Business Idea you’d like to develop, visit our “Entrepreneurship” section: there we explain what should you do and more important, what you should avoid when starting your own business.

Being said that, we’ll now share with you an Index of the Business Ideas we have already analyzed:

Business Ideas analyzed

You can find these Ideas in the Side menu, within “Business Ideas” section.

  • However, here you have a helpful Index.


* As you can guess from the Index, one of our sections within each Business analysis, is establishing what you would need for making $1.000 a month with each Business Idea.

Consulting Business

Find out How you could start your own Consulting business and Which steps you should follow.

We share our professional experience about what small companies are willing to pay for Consulting services.

Blogging Business

Find out what you would need for starting a profitable Site or Blog and make $1.000 a month.

We analyze different scenarios and Income sources.

Web Design Business

Thinking about starting a Web design Business?

Find out how you should start it, which are the Average market Prices, and how you could make it a profitable Business.

e-Learning Business

Find out everything you need for starting a Profitable e-Learning Business from scratch.

How many hours would you need for making $1.000 a month? Discover it here.

Makeup e-commerce

Discover what you need for earning a salary with Makeup e-commerce.

The premise is simple: buy cheap and sell at a fair price.

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