Business Ideas, Step by Step

The future of work is self-employment.

Today, we have the tools necessary to start lots of profitable Businesses with reduced structure costs.


However, why aren’t more people starting their own business?

  • Because people doubt whether it really is possible to start a profitable business or not.


Despite all the valuable information available on the Internet, there are hardly any Websites with good content on how to start a profitable Business.

If you search the Internet, you’ll find dozens of lists with Business Ideas.

  • However, no one  explains how to carry them out.

People want to know how to start a Real Business from scratch.

In this section, we want to give you different Business Ideas and also the steps you need to take to carry them out profitably.

What Business can I Start?

In case you don’t know, we have worked in Venture Capital for years.

  • We know how to Start a Business.
    • What would be the best way to approach it.
    • What can be expected from it.
    • etc.
  • And most important: We know when a Business is not worth it.

In this section we want to use our professional experience to analyze different Business Ideas that you can start right now.

  • Step by Step.
  • Analyzing all the possible scenarios.
  • Using practical approaches.

We’ll also analyze:

  • How realistic those Business Ideas are.
  • If they can become profitable Businesses or not.
  • All the steps you should follow.


We want to explain it to you in the easiest way possible.

  • As if you knew absolutely nothing about Business.


Being said that, let’s see the Business Ideas that we have already analyzed:

Business Ideas

Consulting Business

Find out How you can start your own Consulting business and What steps you need to take.

  • We share our professional experience on what small companies are willing to pay for Consulting services.

Blogging Business

Find out what you need to start a profitable Site and earn $1.000 per month.

  • We analyze different scenarios and Income sources.

Web Design Business

Thinking of starting a Web design Business?

  • Find out how to get started, what the Average Market Prices are, and how you can turn it into a profitable Business.

e-Learning Business

Find out everything you need to know to start a profitable e-learning business from scratch.

  • What do you need to earn $ 1,000 per month? Discover it here.

Makeup e-commerce

Is it possible to earn a salary with makeup e-commerce?

  • Short answer: Yes. Find out how, here.

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