Today is Friday, and it means two things.

  • Tomorrow is weekend.
  • It is an analysis day.


Since we already told you how we choose our Topics on Fridays, we want now to explain how we analyze our Google Search Results in order to obtain weekly conclusions.

With these analysis’ results, we check how we are progressing, so it is very important.


In case you don’t know, in this section we talk about How we are building this Website: our SEO strategy, Theme and Plugins we use, our Real Results (Pageviews and Users we have)…


Today’s Post will be divided into 3 parts:

  1. What is the difference between Google Search Console and Google Analytics.

  2. How to analyze Google Search Console’s results.

  3. Today’s Google Analytics report.


Let’s start:

1. What is the difference between Google Search Console and Google Analytics.

First of all, we have to clarify that Google Search Console shows results, according to what people searched on Google’s Web browser.

  • It means that if you enter to your web through an URL, this won’t be recorded on Google Search Console.
  • Also, if somebody visits your web through Bing’s web browser, this search neither will be tracked down.


On the other hand, Google Analytics record every page view; direct, not direct… coming from all web browsers.

  • However, Google Analytics does not give you information about what people looked for when they found your Website organically: you can know if page view comes from Organic search (found through a web browser search) or a Direct one (URL access), but Google Analytics itself does not know what your Users were after.

That is why Google Search Console’s results are that important.


Being said that, when any user “types” something on Google’s Web Browser, it can lead to an:

  • Impression: whenever your Website has been shown to a user.
    • When your website’s title appears among many other site options.
    • Once is shown, Google Search Console records it as an Impression.
  • Click: as easy as it sounds.
    • When somebody has seen your Website title among others (an Impression would be recorded) and decides to click the link.


Based on these 2 aspects, Google Search Console calculates your Click Through Ratio (CTR) that is simply: (Clicks/Impressions) x 100.

  • A Clicks – Impressions percentage. That is all.
  • If it is high means that your Titles and Meta descriptions are interesting.
    • Remember we explained you yesterday and the day before, how do we elaborate our Title and Meta descriptions.
    • We’ve read that the average CTR is around 2% although it varies.


* On Google Analytics you can find out how much time your visitors have been at any page so maybe you have a nice CTR because you Master you Titles and Meta descriptions but your visitors are just 10 seconds per page because your Posts / Pages are not interesting

  • Since we have not yet significative enough information about average time per page, we are not analyzing our few page views (we’ve  had some visits of more than 10 minutes so…. it is not bad).


2. How to analyze Google Search Console’s results.

With all this information, we:

  1. Compare our current and previous weeks performances.
  2. Check wether any new topic had outstanding Clicks or Impressions results.
  3. Obtain conclusions in order to orientate our next week topic options.


Now, we’ll show you our current week results:

2.1. Week comparison:

Here above you can appreciate how our overall impressions and Clicks have been higher that the previous week’s ones (dotted lines).

  • Impressions are the light blue lines (right axis) and Clicks, the dark one (left axis).

But the most interesting analysis is when you start looking for the new pages you have posted:


2.2. Check whether any new topic had outstanding Clicks or Impressions results.


On this Picture above you can appreciate two things that have made us think: “not bad, we are on the right way”:

  • Fist One: Our new section, “Website building and SEO diary” has had 94 Impressions in just one week.
    • It had zero Clicks, so maybe we have to work more on its Title and Meta descriptions.
  • Second One: All the pages with “Clicks” had few Impressions (12, 6, 6 and 64) so their Title and Meta descriptions are quiet well designed.


2.3. Conclusions.

  • We have to keep working on the “Website building and SEO diary” section since it seems that it is interesting.
    • Improving the Titles and Meta descriptions in order to have our first “Click”.
  • The Titles and Meta descriptions chosen for the pages: “Porter 5 Forces” and “Strategy Templates” are quiet well designed since with just 6 Impressions each, the got a “Click”.
    • What is a weekly CTR of 16% (it will decrease for sure).


Now, let’s see what happened yesterday on Google Analytics since we’ve been 2 days with little movement.

3. Today’s Google Analytics report.

As you may have already seen in the top Image shown, yesterday was another “blank” day for us.

  • We had just 6 users.

But, since we submitted 2 Publications to Google Search Console, we have to subtract 4 artificially-generated users to those 6.

  • So, yesterday’s real users: 2.

As we always say: our website is just 1.5 months old so we are not worried by now.


We wanted to mention that whenever we have introduced a new section, we have felt like Google re-thinks how to Rank our content. It seems like:

  • Google reads the overall website content so it can rank it properly according to what you offer.
    • Checking coherence or something similar (we have no idea).
  • Next, you experience a drop in users and page views, a decrease in ranking positions… for a week.
  • Then everything continues as it was…

This is what we “feel”… Maybe we are writing some of the worst Google’s content ever and that is why we are having just 2 users per day (Ockham’s razor would agree).


* One little thing in case there is someone reading this: the next three days, we are not Posting since we have taken some days of vacation and, with our current web traffic, we think there won’t be any problem.

So, in 3 days… more and better.


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