When we started this Site, we were not sure if we had to learn CSS, PHP…

  • We want to explain our conclusions, and what we have done so far.


In case you don’t know, in this section we talk about How we are building this Website: our SEO strategy, Theme and Plugins we use, our Real Results (Pageviews and Users we have)…


Today’s Post will be divided into 3 parts:

1. Why did we choose the “Marketing for Generation Z” Topic we are about to Publish?

2. Whether you should learn PHP or CSS for starting your Website.

3. Daily report: amount of visits we had yesterday.


Today has been an Editing and Publishing day so we are not very tired.

The most demanding days are the “writing” days:

  • Writing more than 2.000 words per day in english when it is not your mother tongue (although we studied and lived in England many years) can become sometimes a bit exhausting.

We’ll actually edit and Publish “Marketing for Generation Z” in few hours.


1. Why did we choose that Topic?

We chose it because you would never imagine how, even big prestigious companies, fail when designing Marketing Campaigns due to a complete ignorance about certain customer profiles.

Generation Z and Millennials behave completely different than previous generations:

  • They have grown up having access to practically everything; information, cheap flights and unlimited communications.

That is why in “Marketing for Generation Z” we give advices about how approaching them, based on our professional experience, and the mistakes we have made and seen.


Ok, that was all about the page we are about to publish (we told you yesterday that we’d explain why did we choose that Topic) but what about the title; should you learn PHP or CSS?


2. Should learn PHP or CSS for starting your Website?

As we have told you hundreds of times, we have started this website knowing nothing about PHP, CSS, Plugins… Nor even WordPress.

We just knew about Business Restructuring and Investments.

We though that it would be necessary to know something about php and CSS, so we started an Udemy WordPress-focused php course, that was pretty interesting to develop.

However, it took a lot of time and sincerely… Was a bit useless for what we intended to do.


So far, we have just:

  • Modified the the PHP memory limit.
    • Since the we purchased (KLEO) Theme required it.
  • Created a “bp-custom.php” file for modifying some BuddyPress characteristics.
    • For showing some Fields in the Members page.

We have done all of it by:

  • Copying and Pasting the code we found on Internet.
  • Editing the files through the cPanel.


And with CSS, it happened exactly the same: we just modified some color, hover effects… Copying and Pasting the code we found on Internet.


By now, we have an small page. We are not SEO experts, nor successful Web builders.

We can not recommend not to learn PHP nor CSS, but we can tell you that so far, we have learned none of them.

  • We have focused 90% of our time on writing and editing the content you have in front of you.

Maybe, we have not done what it was supposed to be done and that is why we have just 3 to 4 page views in a good day…


But remember, this is a live diary; if we have to learn more, or it is required in the future, you’ll know immediately, we just honestly tell you what we have done.


3. Daily report: amount of visits we had yesterday.

As you may have already seen in the Image above (it is our Google Analytics) yesterday we improved a little bit our users.

Users: 5.

But remember: Google Search Console’s crawling system generated 2 artificial users since we sent our daily Post.

Real Users: 3.

Usually, it gets better along the week.

You may don’t believe it, but actually, it took us 2 weeks for receiving our first real user.

Having 1, 2 or 3 users per day is an important improvement, at least from a purely mathematical standpoint.

Lets see if this week we see an slight improvement.

Tomorrow, more.

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