This is the first Post we write recording what we have sone so far.

We started this projects not knowing anything about SEO, Website buildingWe have experience in Business Restructuring and Venture Capital Investments: As you may have seen throughout the website, we give advices about building your Startup or Company, what to focus on… But had no idea about Webs, SEO and that stuff.

We have watched tons of videos of what to do, what not to do…And it seems that everybody is a super-expert.

However, we didn’t find what we are about to do: a day by day report honestly explaining how many users do they have, what did they do… so here you have!

This website is 1 month and a half old:

  • By now, we have no significant traffic, or better said: almost zero.
  • We have focused just on building content.
  • We have done ZERO promotion (we don’t intend to have a million visits).
  • We have not installed any SEO Plugin (Yoast or similar).
  • We introduce the Meta descriptions and titles with small Plugins.
  • We just bought the Theme and the Hosting.
  • By now, we are editing the content with WP.Bakery (came with the Theme, and we are quiet happy with it).

As you can appreciate, you have lost nothing in the first month; it was just posting what we had been writing down, learning how editing the content, correcting the grammar…


THIS WEEK (7 to 13 June):

We wrote down and published:

  • Growth Strategies for Startups.
  • 8 Disciplines method.

Plugin or any other installation/ modification or issue:

  • None.

You can appreciate the Actual Google analytics graph at the top of the Post.

As we told you: we don’t want to hide you anything. This is what it is: by now, we have few visits.

We’ll keep you daily informed about changes, modifications we make in our overall strategy… and if that works or not.

See you tomorrow!

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