As we mentioned yesterday, we have not experience with SEO or anything else: we are having this experience “live” with you.

Main Plugins we currently use and why:

  • Buddy-Press: for the social environment we’d like to have (we would like to create a network of entrepreneurs or people that want to share good professional content).
  • BB.Press: For the Forums.
  • WP.Bakery: I think it was called Visual Composer in the past.
    • It is very helpful for editing visually the content without using any CSS code.
  • Contact Forms 7: it is interesting for receiving customized mails and building Contact Forms (You’ll see the results in the “Business Analysis Request” page, that has been built with it.
  • Monster Insights: We only use it for linking the Google Analytics (the free version).
  • Google XML Sitemaps: for generating the Sitemap. Easy and helpful.
  • mypace Custom title tag: for generating the page Titles. Also easy and helpful.
  • Easy WP Meta description: for generating the pages’ meta descriptions. Again, easy and simple

We had the Slider Revolution activated (it was included with the Theme) but since we just wanted it for the Main website image (with the parallax effect) we uninstalled it.


The Theme we are using is KLEO. Why?

  • It is fully integrated with Buddy-Press.
  • It has compatibility with practically all the Plugins (since we are not experts we want flexibility).
  • Basically… It had thousands of downloads in the Envato Market so it couldn’t be a bad theme.


As you can see, we have chosen easy-to-use Plugins and not doing any experiment with the Theme: since we know practically nothing, we don’t want to risk the Content, and all we are building.

(Of course… we are not sponsored. With practically ZERO pageviews per day… it would be difficult).



Today is Saturday so we are not doing anything except this Post (and submitting it to Google Search Console and Bing Webmaster Tool).

Total Users: 15

It seems much more than yesterday’s but, since we submitted 3 pages to Google Search Console, this number is not real.

We have discovered that this generates 2 “artificial” users per page sent on Google Analytics:

  • They are generated by Google Search Console crawling system (we don’t know why, but it generates 2 users).


This implies that from this 15 users, 6 had been artificially generated.

Real pageviews: 9

A bit better (these weeks we have had plenty of days with ZERO users) but we have to keep on if we want to improve these numbers.

We’ll maintain our philosophy of writing good content, and we’ll all see if it works or not.


Tomorrow, more.

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