Today is an “editing and publishing” day, so it is a much more relaxed day. In few hours we’ll publish the “Competitive Advantages” Page that we wrote on yesterday.


In case you don’t know, in this section we talk about How we are building this Website: our SEO strategy, Theme and Plugins we use, our Real Results (Pageviews and Users we have)…


We’ll divide today’s Post into 3 parts:

1. Why did we choose the “Competitive Advantage” Topic?

2. How we choose our meta description.

3. Today’s Google Analytics report.


So, let’s start:

1. Why did we choose the “Competitive Advantage” Topic?

This Topic had to be “explained” since we already talked about:

  • PESTEL Analysis.
  • Porter’s 5 Forces.
  • SWOT Analysis.
  • Value Chain.

All these Topics needed the “Competitive Advantage” Topic in order to be complete.


That is how we usually end up choosing the topics we’ll explain on next week: by asking ourselves:

  • “So, if I were reading this, which information would I need in order to continue learning about it?
  • “Which is the next Step that needs to be explained?“.


We made a little research on Internet, and found out that whereas there were thousands of explanations about what a “Competitive Advantage” is, there were not a lot of practical real businesses examples.

  • Moreover, almost nobody explained the difference between a “SWOT’s Strength” and a “Competitive Advantage”.


When writing a Page we intend to improve what there is already on Internet, we don’t want to say what it is already said (although some repetition is inevitable).

  • If we see that a certain Topic is widely explained in one way, we try to explain it in other different way, so we all have a broader perspective about it.


Hence, we chose to:

  • Explain what a “Competitive Advantage” is.
  • Explaining different detailed examples.
  • Highlighting the differences with “SWOT’s Strengths” or any other similar tools that may confuse the people.


We wanted to explain this since it plays an important role when choosing our Meta description.


2. How we choose our Meta description?

In our Meta descriptions, we try to highlight the differences between our Pages and other ones you can find on Google that are talking about the same Topic.

  •  For example: Today’s Meta description (that is not already written) will surely talk about the examples we are explaining since it will make a real difference between our page and anyone else’s.


As we told you on our “Second day” Post, we use the “Easy WP Meta descriptionPlugin, that allow us to write the meta description easily by creating a Window.

  • We don’t want to install “Yoast” nor any other Super-big SEO plugin for doing so.
  • By now, we want to keep everything simple and easy.


If we change our strategy in the future, of course, we’ll Post it, so you can learn whether what we are currently doing works or not.


3. Today’s Google Analytics report.

Yesterday was a mediocre-bad day.

As you may have already seen in the Picture above (our today’s Google Analytics) we had just 3 users.

If we subtract Google Search Console’s crawling system users (2 artificially generated since we sent our publication) we only had 1 real user.


This Website has being active for just 1.5 months

  • It has been really “alive” for 2.5 months actually, but the first month doesn’t count; we were learning how to… everything. So we didn’t barely published nor nothing.
  • We started having real activity on May 2019.

That is why we are not worried about having few visits per day.

So, by now, remember: we are telling you what are we actually doing.


We don’t want to give lessons to anybody since we are not SEO experts or Website professional builders. And by now, we have an average of 1 user per day (and we are happy about it).

  • If we have “success” (you’ll see an improvement in our page views) then you can replicate what we did.
  • For now, we can’t guarantee that we are in the right way.


That was all for today.

Tomorrow, more.

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