We Need your Support!

When we Started Consuunt, we had 2 Main Goals:

  • To Help New Projects and Professionals with our Experience.
  • To Prevent People from taking advice from Fake Internet-Gurus.

As you can see, we didn’t think about the money (all our content is Free).


Unlike other Websites, we have Real Business Experience.


Professionals with our Experience, don’t do what we’re doing.

  • Why? Because they are earning a lot of money in Consulting, Investment Banking, etc.
    • Internet is full of “Experts” talking about things they don’t know.


But… Consuunt is requiring us a lot of time (working for Free) and, like everyone, we need to pay our Expenses, feed our Children…


That is why we have to ask you, Please, to Support us!


Contribute what you consider Fair, we do not want more.

  • Instead of having an IPA beer, just buy a regular one, and donate the difference to us!
    • IPA beers are not worth it! Our work does!


We Really Appreciate it!



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