Today is Sunday, so we’ll just write this post, and nothing else.

We want to share with you how we currently choose the Topics  for our Web Pages, and our Google Analytics report.


Nowadays we receive, on average, 2 real users per day so please, don’t consider our criteria as the best possible: we just want to share with you what we are exactly doing.

  • If we change our criteria, we’ll tell you.
  • If anything works, we’ll tell you.

We think, it is interesting to share our experience since nobody shares this information (at least, we have not found anything similar) so you can see what really works and what does not, day by day.


In case our website reaches a not very high position, you’ll know what can you expect by following what we did, so you can improve it and do better than we did.


But how do we choose our topics?


1. We initially summarized the most important Topics any entrepreneur should focus on:

  • Business Plan, Marketing, Entrepreneurship (advices and lessons we learned), Strategy, Interpersonal Skills and Planning.


2. Once defined these categories, we divided the topics into:

  • What we have found to be very important but a bit difficult to categorize (for example or “Growing strategies for Startups”) .
  • And the Tools that should be known by anybody planning to own a Business (like a “PESTEL analysis”, an “8 Disciplines method”, the “4P Marketing Mix”…).


3. Finally, each Friday, we decide what to write about next Week, depending on:

  • Whether it would be the next step after the previous page (for example, SWOT analysis must be explained right after Value Chain; you should not explain it before).
  • Personal preferences: whoever writes must be comfortable about the topic; some days you are willing to write more about one thing or another.

We think it is important not just knowing about what are you talking about but also being comfortable and inspired while writing it.

But again: by now, our project has almost zero users per day (being one month old approx.) so, in the future we’ll see if all what we currently think is that important regarding SEO.



As you can see in the main picture (it is our today’s Google Analytics report) yesterday we had (remember the 1 day delay): 4 users.

  • However, as we explained to you yesterday: you have to subtract 2 visits from it since we sent yesterday’s post to Google Search Console (its crawling system generates 2 artificial users in Google Analytics).
  • We had 2 real users.

On weekends, in our first weeks, we used to have ZERO users, so it is not super-bad. Lets see what happens tomorrow…

See you Tomorrow.

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