What you need to know to Start a Site from scratch

When we started this project we didn’t know anything about Website building or SEO.

  • We didn’t know what a Plugin was.
  • We had no idea about SEO.
  • We didn’t know what PHP or CSS were.


Therefore, we had to find some advice on how to create a website and what we should expect.

  • Regarding Users, Page Views, etc.


We were suddenly surprised because:

  1. Everyone knew exactly what to do.
  2. According to lots of “SEO gurus”, increasing your Page Views is not very difficult.


However, nobody shared their “official” numbers transparently.


As you know, we have experience in Venture Capital and Business Restructuring but, in this particular field we were complete rookies.

  • And, nowadays, having notions about Website building is almost as important as any other major traditional Business discipline.


That is why we want to share the experience that we are acquiring in a completely transparent way.


Here, we will Post weekly about what we are doing, our strategies and results.

  • Here you have all these Posts perfectly sorted by Topic.

Learn from our Experience building this Website

If you are thinking about starting a Site but you’re a bit lost about what to expect…

  • This is your place.


Forget about:

  • “SEO gurus”.
  • Miraculous solutions.
  • Simplistic advice.


Here, you’ll find all our numbers, results and conclusions in a completely transparent way so you can learn from our mistakes and successes.

Discover our SEO Strategy, Actions taken and Results obtained

We started this Diary when we didn’t even have 1 user per day.


Our Google Analytics report in our first Post.


We barely had 25 users per week, most of them generated by Google Search Console’s Crawling system.


From that day on, we have been publishing everything we have done in order to find out what works and what doesn’t.


We have sorted all our publications both:

  • By Topics covered.
  • Chronologically.

Posts sorted by Topics covered

Here, you have all our Posts sorted by Topics covered (we’ll update this list weekly).

  • In each publication we try to share something useful, new and interesting.
  • Moreover, At the end of each Post, you’ll find a daily report where we share with you the amount of users and Page Views we had.


We have chosen the following classification:

  • SEO Strategy: What we are doing and whether it works or not.
  • How Google Works: Lessons we have learn and patterns we have found.
  • Google AdSense: Our experience.
  • Useful Tips you should know while building your site.
  • Improving your site: How to modify things easy and safely.
  • Reviews: SEO Tools, Themes, Plugins and more.
  • Error fixing: How we solved the errors we found.
  • Backlinks: The ones we have received and what we have done.
  • Monthly special Posts: extensive Posts full of content and conclusions.

SEO Strategy

How Google works

Google AdSense

Useful Tips

Improving your site


Error fixing


Monthly special Posts

If you prefer to check our Publications chronologically as they were published:

Posts sorted chronologically

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