Real data from our day a day SEO experience

When we started this project we knew nothing about Website building, SEO or anything similar.

  • We didn’t know what a Plugin was.
  • We had no idea about SEO.
  • We didn’t know what php or CSS were.


When we looked for some advice, it seemed that:

  1. Everybody knew exactly what to do.
  2. According to lots of “SEO gurus”, increasing your Pageviews is not very difficult.

However, nobody shared his “official” numbers in a Transparent way.


As you know, we have experience in Venture Capital and Business Restructuring sectors but, in this particular and important field we were complete rookies.

  • And, nowadays, having notions about Website building is almost as important as any other major traditional Business disciplines such as Marketing, Strategy or Operational planning.


That is why we want to share the experience we are acquiring with you in a complete transparent and honest way.


We are Posting weekly about what we are doing, our results and strategies.

  • Here you have all these Posts perfectly sorted.

Are you thinking about starting a Site?

If you are thinking about starting a Site but you’re a bit lost about what to expect: This is your place.

Forget about:

  • “SEO gurus”.
  • Miraculous solutions.
  • Simplistic advices.

Here, you’ll find all our numbers, results and conclusions in a completely transparent way, so you may learn from our mistakes and successes.

Check our SEO results from the very beginning

We started this Diary when we didn’t even have 1 user per day.

Check our first publication’s Google Analytics report:

We barely had 25 users per week, most of them generated by Google Search Console’s Crawling system.


From that day on, we have been publishing everything we have done in order to find out what works and what doesn’t.


We have sorted all our publications both:

  • By Topics covered.
  • Chronologically.

Posts sorted by Topics covered

Here, you have all our Posts sorted by Topics covered (of course, we’ll update this list weekly).

  • In each publication we try to share something useful, new and interesting.
  • Moreover, At the end of each Post, you’ll find a daily report where we share with you the amount of users and pageviews we had.


We have chosen the following classification:

  • SEO Strategy: What we are doing and whether it works or not.
  • How Google Works: Lessons we have learn and patterns we have found.
  • Useful Tips you should know while building your site.
  • Improving your site: How to modify things easy and safely.
  • Reviews: SEO Tools, Themes, Plugins and more.
  • Error fixing: How we solved the errors we found.
  • Backlinks: The ones we have received and what we have done.
  • Monthly special Posts: extensive Posts full of content and conclusions.

SEO Strategy: What we are doing and whether it works or not

How Google works: Lessons we have learnt and Patterns we have found

Useful Tips you should know while building your Site

Improving your site: How to modify things easy and safely

Reviews: SEO Tools, Themes, Plugins and more

Error fixing: How we solved the errors we found

Backlinks: The ones we have received and what we have done

Monthly special Posts: extensive Posts full of content and conclusions

If you prefer to check our Publications chronologically as they were published, no problem:

Posts sorted chronologically

84th day: 11 months old Site Performance.

This March, has been a turbulent month. The Coronavirus crisis has affected us all in some way. It’s been a bit more difficult to concentrate with everything that is going on: confinements, terrible news…   Generating high quality content is something difficult; you need to be very focused, and now, that is almost impossible.   We hope you are all […]

83rd day: What CTR you should Expect.

When we started this Site, we were not sure if our numbers were good, bad.   We looked for information on the Internet and everybody agreed: The CTR is the most important variable (or one of the most). However, we haven’t found transparent and honest information about actual CTRs. What to expect and when you should worry.   Now, almost […]

82nd day: The impact of Coronavirus on our Pageviews.

Everybody is talking about it. There is no place you can hide from it: the Coronavirus.   We hope you are all safe. Please, follow the guidelines given by the authorities. In few weeks, everything will be over.   But life goes on, and we want to keep giving you good useful information.   Since there are millions of people […]

81st day: Avoid Content Cannibalization.

Today we want to give you a small but important advice that you should keep in mind  when creating the Content of your Site: Do not Cannibalize your Content.   Now, we’ll explain you why it is so important, and how you can avoid making this mistake.   In case you don’t know, in this section we talk about our […]

80th day: 10 months old Site Performance.

This February, we have been modifying different things on our site in order to improve the experience of our users. Today, we’ll see what we have done and what results we have obtained.   We’ll divide this “special” publication into 6 different sections: 1. Our Website’s results’ evolution during these last 10 months. Clicks, Rankings, Impressions, Users and Pages/Session.  2. […]

79th day: Visual Editor not showing in WordPress.

Yesterday we had a problem with our WordPress Visual Editor. It suddenly stopped working.   We hadn’t updated anything. We hadn’t installed any new Plugin, Theme. We hadn’t done anything new.   In the past we solved this problem by checking and un-checking the “Disable the visual editor while writing” option in “Your Profile” Menu. We explained this solution step […]

78th day: How to Solve Autoptimize Cache Increase.

As you may already know, we use Autoptimize. It is a good and effective Plugin for improving your page speed.   However, shortly after installing it, we realized that our Autoptimize Cache had increased enormously. We were experiencing an increase of 100 mb per day.   What was going on?   Today we’ll tell you how we solved this problem easily. […]

77th day: Blogging in English for Non-native speakers.

As you may already know, we are non-native English speakers. We have studied in England, we use English almost every day at work and here, in Europe, everybody speaks English. However, English is not our native language.   Writing +2.000 words publications in a different language is, sometimes, exhausting. That is why, today, we want to share some Tips that […]

76th day: 9 months old Site Performance.

This January (2020) has been an interesting month. After a”terrible” December (check our previous monthly post; 8 months special) we have experienced a remarkable improvement in Users and Pageviews.   As always, we’ll divide this Post into different sections: 1. Our Website’s results’ evolution during these last 9 months. Clicks, Ranking, Impressions, Users and Pageviews/User.  2. Main Queries that lead […]

75th day: Website Content Strategy – What to expect.

As you know, we started this Site almost 9 months ago. When we started, we knew nothing regarding SEO, Website building, WordPress…   We decided to follow one simple rule: To create good and useful Content for our Users.   Each month we publish a monthly special Post with our conclusions (the next Post will be the 9 months special […]

74th day: Missing permissions in Google Analytics

Today’s Post will be short. As you may already know, in this section we talk about our experience while building this Website: our SEO strategy, Themes, Plugins we use… You’ll find a helpful Index with all our Posts sorted by Topic here: “Website building and SEO Diary“.   We were preparing everything for talking about a new Topic when we […]

73rd day: Find New Topics with Amazon.

Today we’re going to explain how we find new Topics with Amazon.   We know that, sometimes, it is a bit difficult to find new interesting Topics for your Site.   When we feel a bit stuck, we use Amazon… How?  We’re about to tell you.   Today’s Post will be divided into 2 different parts: 1. How we use […]

72nd day: Our experience with Contact Form 7.

Today, we want to share our experience with Contact Form 7: A Plugin that allows you to create  Customized Contact Forms easily (not sponsored, of course). As you may already know, we like simple-to-use Plugins that require zero programming skills.   Let’s see how this Plugin works and whether it is worth it or not.   In case you don’t […]

71st day: Helpful Content Rank faster.

After several months studying our publications and what made them rank better or worse, we have obtained one important conclusion: Helpful Content rank faster and better.   It is one of the best conclusions we have obtained so far. We are not sure that Long-form content imply better rankings (as we explained in our “Long Posts vs Short Posts” publication) […]

70th day: New Mobile Usability Issues detected.

Today we want to share something that happened to us some weeks ago. Google Search Console sent us a mail saying: “New Mobile Usability Issues detected“. The Issues were: Text too small to read. Clickable elements too close together. We checked our Site in different Mobile phones, but everything was fine. What was going on? What did we do?   […]

69th day: Why is my Page not ranking in Google?

After some months Posting, Editing, checking Google Search Console results… We realized that we have certain Pages not Ranking in Google. We are not talking about Indexing problems or some kind of Sitemap error. All our publications are properly Indexed but, for some reason, Google doesn’t Rank some of them…Why? Today, we’ll find out Why.   In case you don’t […]

68th day: 8 months old Site Performance.

This last month has been a “terrible” month regarding our Website traffic. Why? Christmas.   To tell the truth, we expected this traffic decrease. Last summer, we published a very interesting Post called “Website traffic decrease in Holidays“. There we used Google Trends in order to “forecast” future traffic decreases and Christmas was expected to be as terrible as it […]

67th day: Suddenly My Site is not secure.

Today, we’ll talk about something that happened to us 2 days ago: Suddenly, our Site became a “not secure” site. Not just the “user” version, but also our WordPress backend.   What happened? We are about to tell you.   This will be our 2019’s last Post and will be divided into 2 parts: 1. Why our Site suddenly turned […]

66th day: Trying Ubersuggest – Does it work?

A few months ago, we “discovered” Ubersuggest: a SEO Tool that, supposedly, can help you find Topics or Keywords for your Site. We used it a couple of times but, since we had to wait several months before being able to check the results we didn’t give it much credit. Basically, we didn’t trust this tool that much; Internet is […]

65th day: 7 months old Site Performance.

Another month has passed. Since our 6 months Special Post was so full of content, this 7 months Special publication will be short so you can easily track the evolution of our results. If you want to check all our monthly special Posts, check: “2 months Special Post“. “3 months Special Post“. “5 months Special Post“. “6 months Special Post“. […]

64th day: More Impressions and less Clicks?

Today, we want to share with you one theory we have developed. As soon as we started this Site, we realized something interesting: With few Impressions we received some Clicks although our Average Positions were terrible but, as our Rankings improved, we needed more Impressions in order to receive that same amount of Clicks. What was going on? Why our […]

63rd day: How to build Internal Links.

Today, we’re going to share with you something very interesting and useful we’ve realized while building this Site: How to build your Internal Links. Which internal traffic you should expect from your page to page links. What works and what doesn’t. For doing so, we’ll share our real numbers with you (as always).   Hence, we’ll divide this Post into […]

62nd day: Long posts vs Short posts.

If there is one thing almost everybody agree on, regarding SEO strategy is that long Posts do better at than short Posts.   Lots of experts say that the longer the Post or Page is, the best result it will have. In fact, lots of SEO professionals recommend +2.500 words publications.   Is that true?   Today, we’ll share our […]

61st day: Showing up on Google’s first page.

Today, we want to share with you one interesting thing you should know. As we have told you several times, we started this website from scratch 6 months ago. You can check our”6 months special Post” if you want to find out how our Site is doing after our first 6 months.   When we started this Site, we looked […]

60th day: 6 months old Site performance.

Half a year ago, we started our Site from scratch without any experience about creating Websites or SEO . It has been 6 intense and interesting months.   Today, we want to share with each one of you: Which results we have obtained. What we have learnt so far. Our SEO strategy and why. What can you expect from a […]

59th day: Trying Page Analytics Chrome extension.

Today, we want to share with you another interesting and Free SEO Tool we’ve discovered: Page Analytics (not sponsored, of course). This Tool is very useful for analyzing your own Website. While other Chrome extensions we reviewed in the past, were very useful for analyzing other Sites, Keywords, Topics, Backlinks, Domains… Page Analytics analyzes just your site, since it is […]

58th day: Real Income you can expect from Site Ads.

Today, we want to share with you a very interesting research we developed: How much money can you really expect to make with Ads in your site.   There is lot of information in Internet but, we consider that these information is usually very superficial and sometimes, a bit “fake”. We’ve found lots of websites that brag about how easy […]

57th day: Trying SEOquake – A useful SEO Tool.

Today, we want to share with you, our experience with a very interesting SEO Tool: SEOquake. We have decided to try different SEO free Tools in order to check wether they are useful or not and share our conclusions with you. Today, we’ll talk about SEOquake (not sponsored, of course). Hence, this Post will be divided into 2 parts: 1. […]

56th day: 5 months of SEO and Website building.

In our “last Post“, we shared with you all our relevant metrics of these 5 months: Pageviews. Users. Errors. Best and worst pages. Conclusions. etc. However, we want to use this Post in order to give it a more “personal” approach.   Hence, we’ll divide this Post into 2 parts: 1. What is like to be 5 months full time […]

55th day: 5 months old Website performance

Here we are, 5 months later. It seems that it was yesterday when we started Consuunt and it’s been 5 months. Hence, we want to share with you a big picture of our site as we did in our 2 and 3 month “anniversaries”. We didn’t published a 4 months special since my precious daughter was born those days.   We […]

54th day: All the Bad Backlinks we’ve received so far.

Today, we checked our “Links” in Google Search Console and… we have more bad / undesired strange Backlinks.   Since we have already published 3 Posts talking about our bad Backlinks, and we don’t want to bore you with the same Post again and again, we will use this Post for: Listing all the Bad Undesired Backlinks we have received […]

53rd day: What to Post when you don’t know what to Post

You probably missed our Posts these last days.   We have not been able to Publish any additional SEO Post due to my Parental leave and due to other thing: We didn’t really know what to Publish.   We published 2 full of content Pages ( “Start an e-Learning Business” and “Correlation vs Causation“). That is why we’ll use Today’s […]

52nd day: Why has your Website traffic dropped?

Today, we want to share with you something we have realized after several moths analyzing our Google Analytics and Google Search Console. Since we don’t promote our Site (check our “3 months special Post” if you want to find out why are we following this SEO strategy) we have pure information about what Google has been doing with our Site. […]

51st day: What is Backlink?

It’s been 2 weeks without Posting, but here we are again (I just became a father). Of course, we’ll share with you how these last 2 weeks were regarding pageviews and users, but first of all we want to tell you about a new Backlink we’ve received: Hence, this Post will be divided into 3 parts: 1. What is […]

50th day: How to update KLEO Theme.

As you may already know, we use KLEO theme. If you want to know why and what does it include, visit “Our experience with KLEO Theme” Post. Once in a while, we receive a mail from Envato Market (where we purchased this Theme) reminding us that there is a new Update. Believe or not, it always frightened us a little […]

49th day: AnswerThePublic and Keywords Everywhere

Today we want to talk about other Tools we’ve employed several times for guessing what is worrying our users the most: AnswerThePublic and Keywords Everywhere. They are different Tools but together, they make an incredible combination. Hence, Today’s Post will be divided into 4 parts: 1. What is AnswerThePublic? 2. What is Keywords Everywhere? 3. How can you improve your […]

48th day: Pageviews generated by Google Search Console.

Today, we’ll talk about something we mentioned in our first Posts: the Pageviews and Users Google Search Console generates when you submit your page to its URL inspector. Hence, this Post will be divided into 2 parts: 1. What happens when you submit an URL to Google Search Console’s URL inspection. 2. Today’s Google Analytics report: Users and Pageviews we […]

47th day: Fixing Google Search Console errors – Results.

In our SEO diary ninth day: “How to fix Google Search Console errors” we explained which Google Search Console errors had we found so far and how did we solved them. When we wrote that Post, we still could not assure you a 100% that our “Robots.txt” solution would work properly for getting rid of our Server Error (5xx). Now, […]

46th day: Common fake SEO expert Scam.

Hi everybody. Today, we wanted to talk about one thing we realized some weeks ago. As you know, we started this website from scratch. We had no experience in SEO, WordPress, etc, etc… Nothing. Hence, as we were acquiring more and more knowledge, we started to figure out some strange things about certain “SEO experts”. Today, we’ll share with you […]

45th day: One of our best Pageviews days so far.

This has been a weird week. 4 days ago, on monday, we published a Post talking about how terrible our weekend was, regarding our Pageviews (and Users): we only received 2 users. Check our “41st day: Our worst day so far“. However… during this week, we have been receiving more and more visits. As you can appreciate at the Post’s […]

44th day: Receiving strange Backlinks.

Today, while checking our Google Search Console, we realized about something strange… We have 3 external links pointing some of our content but… the websites they come from seem not to exist. Since we don’t know yet what is going on, Today’s Post will be short. This Post will be divided into 2 parts: 1. What are these strange Backlinks? […]

43rd day: ColorZilla – A nice Chrome extension for designing a Site.

Today, we’ll talk about a very simple yet useful Chrome extension we like so much (not sponsored, of course): ColorZilla. We have been using it since the very beginning of Consuunt and we’ve not talked about it yet. So, Today’s post will be divided into 2 parts: 1. What ColorZilla is and how it can help you when designing your […]

42nd day: Google Trends – Best SEO Tool we’ve found so far.

As you may well know, we’ve recently started a whole new section called “Data Analysis“. There, we’ll talk about how analyzing Internet databases so you can “read” properly your customers’ needs and preferences. Among all the different Tools and Analyses types we’ll explain, there is one that has been key for us: Google Trends. It offers almost infinite data about […]

41st day: Our worst day in Visits and Pageviews so far.

Saturday 17 August 2019… we’ll remember this day: just 2 Users. Check our Post’s top picture. We have had worse days, of course (with zero users) but we though those days were far behind. This weekend has been terrible to be our 3rd month. Our Pageviews: Last week was not too bad to be August: on Friday we had 14 […]

40th day: How often should you update content on your website?

This week, we are planning the next quarter we’ve got ahead us: New Topics. New sections. What we will focus on. etc. Hence, today we want to share with you, when we consider it necessary to update the content of our website. As usual, this Post will be divided into 2 parts: 1. How often should you update content on your […]

39th day: Improving your SEO with Google Search Console Queries.

Today, we’ll talk about something simple but effective. We mentioned several times that we use our Google Search Console Queries in order to find new interesting Topics for you. However, we haven’t shared good practical examples with you… until now. Hence, we’ll talk about how to improve your SEO by using your Google Search Console Queries. We are aware that, […]

38th day: A good SEO Title and Meta description SERP Tool.

Today we want to talk about a simple but very effective Tool we use in our day to day for checking whether our Titles and Meta descriptions are properly done or not. It is a free Tool – Website, so don’t be afraid. When we started this Website few months ago, we didn’t know how to easily check our Pages […]

37th day: Website decrease in traffic on Holidays.

After 9 days off, we’re here again. We really needed to rest: Publishing 7 times per week is something exhausting. During these 9 days we have realized that our pageviews positive tendency has slowed down a little bit. It is August 12th so, we are not worried, but started to wonder one thing: How much website traffic drop is acceptable […]

36th day: What to expect from a 3 months old Website.

We started our website from scratch and today it is 3 months old. These last 36 days, we have been Posting daily, sharing with you all we’ve done so far: our Plugins, Theme, errors we had and how did we solve them, etc, etc. Today, in this special Post, we’ll look back and talk about: 1. Our Website evolution during […]

35th day: META SEO inspector: A good Chrome extension.

Today, we’ll talk about one Chrome free extension that has become one of our favorite Tools while doing some SEO: the META SEO inspector. We’ll explain: How it works. What it offers. Whether it worth it or not. Hence, this Post will be divided into 2 parts: 1. What is META SEO inspector and how can it help you with your […]

34th day: WPBakery Frontend Text Box Editor Problem.

Today, we had a little problem with our WPBakery Frontend Editor. The Text Box editor just showed the HTML rather than the visual Editor. In the Backend Editor everything worked perfectly. In the past, we had a bigger Issue: We had a blank Editor, not showing anything at all; not the text nor the Edit Menu. If you want to […]

33rd day: How do I check Backlinks to my site?

Today, we want to talk about a very simple Topic. It is a simple Topic yet our site receives lots of users that were looking for it on Google, so… no matter whether it is a simple or complex issue: here we are for helping you. The Topic is: How finding out the Backlinks pointing to your Website. By Backlinks […]

32nd day: How to edit a php file easily.

This is another “Query” that lead some users to our SEO diary. You want to change some features of your Website, and someone suggests you to edit a php file. The problem is that you have no idea about how to do it, you don’t know whether you have the right software… And you are extremely afraid of “touching” something […]

31st day: How to Easily Remove WordPress logo from Login.

Today, we’ll talk about 2 things that “bothered” us in the past (in the title we only would mention one since we had not enough space): The WordPress logo at the Login page. The WordPress Admin bar. Since we found out a “common” solution for both these problems, we’ll share it with you. Hence, this Post will be divided into […]

30th day: How to find trending Blog Topics easily.

Monday again. We’ll tell you how the weekend was regarding our pageviews soon, but as you know, we first want to share something useful with you. Today we’ll talk about how we find new Topics when we are stuck. Hence, as usual, this Post will be divided into 2 parts: 1. How to find new trending Blog Topics easily. 2. […]

29th day: How to generate a Sitemap in just 1 step.

Today’s Post will be brief but interesting. We have checked out the main Queries that have led users to our SEO Diary (through Google Search Console you can find out what the users were looking for before being directed to your site) and we have found out that lot of people were looking for “how to generate a Sitemap”. Hence, […]

28th day: How long it takes to build a Website.

As you may already know, we started Consuunt from scratch and zero experience about Website building, SEO (we didn’t even know what the hell was it) or anything similar. It took us some time… but how much? Today we want to share with you how much time took us to build this website from scratch. Hence, this Post will be […]

27th day: How to generate Snippet oriented content.

Today, we want to explain something that has been “worrying” us for days: Google’s Snippets. Will they affect our SEO “strategy”? What exactly they are? We’ll now share with you all we have discovered so far and why they can offer a good opportunity for your Website. This Post will be divided into 4 parts: 1. What Snippets are. 2. […]

26th day: How to generate quality content fast.

In one of our firsts Posts, “Writing the website content” we briefly talked about our daily writing routine: How much time we spend each day writing and editing our Pages and the days we usually publish. However, on that Post we barely gave any detail and we didn’t even talked about the time we employ each day with these Posts […]

25th day: How choosing your Page/Post title part 2.

After resting for the whole weekend we are full of energy again. There are plenty of new things we’d like to share with you; reviews, experiences, problems solved… However, since we have recently changed our “SEO” title strategy (if you can call it strategy) today, we’ll publish a little Post explaining you what have we modified and why. We promised to […]

24th day: Our experience with KLEO Theme.

As you may already know if you’ve been following this Diary, we use KLEO Theme. So today, we’ll tell you our experience with it (not sponsored content, of course). Hence, this Post will be divided into 2 parts: 1. KLEO Theme review based on our experience. 2. Today’s Google Analytics report with Users and Pageviews.   Let’s Begin: 1. KLEO […]

23rd day: How Google Ranks your Website?

Today’s Post will be divided into 2 parts: 1. How Google Ranks your Website? 2. Today’s Google Analytics Report with Users and Pageviews.   Let’s begin: 1. How Google Ranks your Website? * First of all, we have to mention that we what we are about to explain comes from our daily perception after analyzing our Pages’ Impressions evolutions in […]

22nd day: Receiving undesired bad Backlinks from Picswe.

As usually, today’s Post will be divided into 2 parts: 1. What is Picswe and what should you do with its Backlinks? 2. Today’s Google Analytics Report with our daily Pageviews and Users.   Let’s begin: 1. What is Picswe and what should you do with its Backlinks? Today we were analyzing our Google Search Console data, checking everything… and […]

21st day: WPBakery Plugin review.

We have mentioned several times the Plugins we currently use (on our “Second day” Post, for example) so we’ll review the best ones and why we think they are worth being installed.   Again, today’s Post will be divided into 2 parts: 1. WP.Bakery Plugin review with Pros and Cons. 2. Today’s report with our Pageviews and Users.   Let’s […]

20th day: How often should you backup your WordPress site.

Hi. These last 2 days we didn’t Post anything since we didn’t do anything at all. We didn’t even open Google Analytics. We needed to mentally rest. We told you last last monday, but we’ll tell you again: writing a Post per day (this section post) + 2 long Pages per week is absolutely tiring. But here we are.   […]

19th day: Relation between Ranking Impressions and Clicks.

Today, we’ll talk about a Topic that has been difficult for us to find on Internet: The relation between Ranking, Impressions and Clicks. What Ranking do you need for receiving your first Click? How many Impressions does it imply?   As usually, this Post will be divided into 2 parts: 1. Which is the relation between Ranking, Impressions and Clicks. […]

18th day: How increasing GT-Metrix speed from 70% to 96%.

Today, we are going to talk about how did we increased our Website PageSpeed Score. So again, this Post will be divided into 2 sections: 1. How did we increase our Website Page Speed. 2. Today’s Google Analytics Report with our Pageviews and users.   Let’s begin: 1. How did we increase our Website Page Speed. When we started building […]

17th day: What is robots.txt file and How create it?

Today we have been writing again. Another 2.000 words Page that we’ll publish tomorrow (It is about Kanban Methodology). Before talking about the famous robots.txt file we must mention this: Writing +2.000 words Posts/Pages (our Posts are 500 words on average but our Pages are 4 times longer) is more demanding than it seems at first glance (specially if English […]

16th day: Pageviews and users in a 2 months old Website.

Today we are writing an especial Post. Our website has been active for 2 months so we want to share with you all our numbers so far, so you have a guidance about what to expect from a 2 months old Completely New Website started from scratch. As we have mentioned several times, we really published our first content 3 […]

15th day: Why not using a SEO Plugin?

Website building and SEO Diary 15th day. It has been a Page-writing day, so we are actually a bit tired. Today’s Post will be divided into 2 parts: 1. Should you use a SEO Plugin for your WordPress site or not? 2. Today’s Google Analytics report with yesterday’s users and pageviews.   Let’s begin! 1. Should you use a SEO […]

14th day: Should you write Posts or Pages?

It is Sunday, so tToday’s Post will be Brief but interesting. It will be divided into 2 parts: 1. Is it better to write Posts or Pages on WordPress? 2. Today’s Google Analytics report.   Let’s begin: 1. Is it better to write Posts or Pages on WordPress? As you may know, we are currently writing Posts and Pages (Yesterday’s […]

13th day: How often are we Posting.

Today is saturday, so we’ll be “brief”. Yesterday was not a very good day regarding page views; we had 3 good days that yesterday came to an end. Today’s Post will be divided into 2 parts: How often we are Posting. Today’s Google Analytics report: users and pageviews.   Let’s begin: 1. How often we are Posting. As you know […]

12th day: How often Google Search Console data updates.

Friday again. Today we have chosen next week’s 2 Page Topics, not really based on our week results but on what it needed to be explained in order to complete what we’ve written so far. Other times, as we’ve told you, we have several ideas on our mind and we pick 2 of them based on: Our weekly results. If […]

11th day: Modifying BuddyPress Members page.

Today we published the “Cash Flow Calculation” page. Moreover, we also added a Template within the “Business Plan Templates“. It is a very specific topic and maybe doesn’t concern you but we have to mention 2 things: We are very happy about the final result. The people who needs it, finally have an easy explanation about how calculating them. It […]

10th Day: Solving WordPress Edit Page problem.

It’s has been a writing day. Tomorrow we’ll edit and publish one of the best Pages we have written so far: “Cash Flow Calculation”. It took its time, but the hard part is already done; tomorrow’s editing and publishing tasks are not really exhausting. We had a much better page views today, we tell you in advance, but we must […]

Ninth day: How fixing Google Search Console errors.

Here we are again. After a 3-day vacation we’ve had a… not a very good day. We’ve had just 2 page views (in these 3 days) and another new Google Search Console 5xx error (7 so far). So today, instead of having a “writing day”, we’ve had an Error fixing day. Then, we’ll explain how did we fix the Google […]

Eighth day: How analyzing Google Search Console.

Today is Friday, and it means two things. Tomorrow is weekend. It is an analysis day. Since we already told you how we choose our Topics on Fridays, we want now to explain how we analyze our Google Search Results in order to obtain weekly conclusions. With these analysis’ results, we check how are we progressing, so it is very […]

Seventh day: How choosing Meta description.

Today is an “editing and publishing” day, so it is a much more relaxed day. In few hours we’ll publish the “Competitive Advantages” Page that we wrote on yesterday. We’ll divide today’s Post into 3 parts: 1. Why did we choose the “Competitive Advantage” Topic? 2. How we choose our meta description. 3. Today’s Google Analytics report.   So, let’s start: […]

Sixth day: how choosing your post title.

Today has been a writing day. The topic, that will be published tomorrow within the “Strategy” section is called: “Competitive advantages“. It is a 2.147 words long page, so it took a while for writing it. Tomorrow, we’ll explain why did we choose that topic and how do we currently write our pages’ meta descriptions.   How to choose your […]

Fifth day: Whether learning php and CSS or not.

Today’s Post will be divided into 3 parts: 1. Why did we choose the “Marketing for Generation Z” Topic we are about to Publish? 2. Whether you should learn PHP or CSS for starting your Website. 3. Daily report: amount of visits we had yesterday.   Today has been an Editing and Publishing day so we are not very tired. […]

Fourth day: Writing the Webpage content.

Today has been a just-writing day for tomorrow’s publication:  “Marketing to Generation Z“. Tomorrow, we’ll talk more about the topic and why did we choose it. It is a 2.360 words Page, so it took a while for writing it up. We have read that writing big full-of-content pages is the very key to improve your rankings, SEO… so that […]

Third day: Choosing website topics.

Today is Sunday, so we’ll just write this post, and nothing else. We want to share with you how we currently choose the Topics  for our Web Pages, and our Google Analytics report.   Nowadays we receive, on average, 2 real users per day so please, don’t consider our criteria as the best possible: we just want to share with you what […]

Second Day: What Theme and Plugins are we using.

As we mentioned yesterday, we have not experience with SEO or anything else: we are having this experience “live” with you. Main Plugins we currently use and why: Buddy-Press: for the social environment we’d like to have (we would like to create a network of entrepreneurs or people that want to share good professional content). BB.Press: For the Forums. WP.Bakery: […]

First day: Week report and what we’ve done so far.

This is the first Post we write recording what we have sone so far. We started this projects not knowing anything about SEO, Website building… We have experience in Business Restructuring and Venture Capital Investments: As you may have seen throughout the website, we give advices about building your Startup or Company, what to focus on… But had no idea […]

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