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What is Consuunt?

Building a Business is a difficult task, with no guarantees of success.

  • Only the best guidance can make you save time, money and ultimately increases your chances of success.


That’s what we are here for:

Consuunt wants to provide you with the Tools and Knowledge necessary to develop your Projects and make you grow Professionally.

Business & Entrepreneurship knowledge

At Consuunt, you have access to Business knowledge based on our Experience.

  • We come from the Venture Capital and Business Restructuring  sectors.


All content on this Website is free.

  • If you like a Topic or want to know more about a certain field of Business, do not hesitate to contact us.


* You can check our “About Us” page if you want to know more about us.

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We'll help you with your Project

Send us your Project, and we'll help you

If you are starting a Business or just have an idea you’d like to develop send us a mail.

We will assess your project, evaluating the potential of your Business Idea, helping you to target the market properly… or simply telling you what we would do.

Just send us your information through the “Mail” Icon you’ll find in the bottom-right, and we’ll:

  • Contact you to give you our Advice.
  • Exchange documents.
  • Track your Progress.


* In our “Privacy Policy” page, you can see that the information you provide us is be completely confidential.

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