What is Consuunt?

Building a new Business or Project is a tough task, with no guarantees of success and only the best guidance can make you save time, money, effort and eventually, increases your chances to succeed.

This is why we are here for. We don’t want to bury you in abstract concepts that give only a theoretical and sterile approach.

Consuunt wants to give you the tools and knowledge necessary for developing your projects and make you grow professionally.

Business & Entrepreneurship knowledge

In Consuunt, you have access to free, extensive and experience-based Business knowledge.

  • We come from Venture Capital and Business Restructuring  sectors.

All content on this Website is free for everyone and it will be updated permanently.

  • If you like a Topic or you want to know more about a certain business field, feel free to ask us about it and we’ll help you as much as we can (either via Forum, or “contact us”).

Start right Now: What are you Interested about?


Business Plan, made Simple

Here we share with you how to develop a proper Business Plan for your projects.


Effective strategies for non experts

Discover how to develop an effective Marketing strategy on your own.


Tips for Entrepreneurs starting a Business

Here we share our broad experience in Venture Capital. What to do and what not to do.


You don't have a Strategy yet?

The best strategies we use to restructure companies. Our experience at your disposal.

Find out how we built this site from scratch, here.

In this section, we share our SEO strategy, our Results (Page Views and Users) and all we have learnt so far.

Here you will find dozens of Posts sorted by Topic and Chronologically.

Thinking about starting a Site? Don’t miss this section.


More important than you think.

Acquire and train the skills necessary to succeed.


Plan before acting

Learn the best tools and Tactics. Strategy without planning is nothing.


Learn what to look for in this world full of information

Find out what you need to get “gold” from the Internet. 


We analyze them for you

Here we analyze different Business Ideas and how you could carry them out. Are they worth it?

But Consuunt is much more

Business Analysis Request

If you are starting a Business or just have an idea you’d like to develop: send us a Business Analysis Request.

We can assess your project for free, assessing your Business Idea’s potential, helping you to target the market properly… or just telling you what would we do, and how would we do it, according to our experience.

Just send us your data in the “BAR” section and we’ll:

  • Create a Private Group for us to communicate.
  • Exchange documents.
  • Keep contact for tracking your milestones.

Feel free to contact other professionals

In Consuunt you can freely register and filter its members in professional specializations.

Contact other professionals and share information about your projects or your needs in a completely free way.

  • Via Forum, private messaging or any channel you prefer. Manage it however you want.

We understand that it is almost impossible to know what you exactly need for your project, which business approach is the best for you, if you would need a market segmentation… That is a very common situation, and the worst thing you can receive as an answer is a “pay button” and a long list of information requirements when you are not sure about anything.

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