What is Operational Planning?

Operational planning includes all the actions taken that lead you to meet your Strategic objectives.

Strategic Planning defines “where you are going” while Operational Planning defines the “Tactics” you have to employ in order to get there.

Apple Strategy and Operations Example

During the last years, Apple has been positioning its brand as something “exclusive but affordable”.

Their strategy has been to seek “Profitability” by mixing “luxury” with a mass-manufactured product.

  • In comparison, a “real” luxurious company would have limited its production in order not to devalue the product.


What about their tactics?

  • They had no commercials (nowadays they do) doing the same as luxurious companies do.
  • As soon as they release a new product they limit the production of their previous one.
    •  It is a way to limit the supply while maintaining the mass production with a more expensive product.
  • They introduce their new products with a big and “mysterious” show.
  • Apple prices are higher than those of the competition but they are still affordable.

In general, in small companies, the Operational Planning as well as the tactics used are not so glamorous:

  • They begin with how we organize our day to day and continue with the follow-up of “Milestones”.


If this Operational planning works perfectly, it starts to get more complex and funny.

In this section we will explain how to develop a proper Operational Planning for your project based on our experience in restructuring companies.

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