Is it possible to work from Home?

Either you are an Entrepreneur or you work for a Company, working from home seems the Best option you could have… or isn’t it?


Here, we’ll share with you our own personal experience and:

  • What you need to work from Home.
  • 6 Rules (based on our own experience) you must follow if you want to be successful.
  • What we think about working from home. Whether it’s worth it or not.


Let’s begin:

What do you need to Work from Home?

Working from Home means being connected to a computer.


Therefore, to work from home you will need to feel comfortable with a PC.

  • If you are a “prehistoric person” that barely knows how to use Word… Bad.


You should, at least, feel comfortable with:

  • Excel.
  • Powerpoint.
  • Word.
  • Personal Cloud Storage (OneDrive or Google Drive).
  • Google Hangouts (or any other Video-Communication program).
  • WordPress (if you plan to Start your own on-line business).


It seems obvious, but we’ve met many people who planned to work from home and hardly knew how to use the mouse (Ok… Maybe… they did know how to use the mouse).


If you are planning to work from home for a company, they’ll probably provide you with everything you need.

  • However, we still recommend that you learn different programs, software… So you can work much better with much less effort.

Rules for Working from Home

As we mentioned before, we have experience working from home.

And… Although some people may think it is easy, it is not.


Therefore, we have compiled a list with 6 Rules you should strictly follow if you want to succeed:

1. Set a Schedule


Since your home is your office (and you’re home practically all day) it is easy to end up thinking:

  • “I’ll do it later”.

If you think you have plenty of time, you are wrong.


Having a Schedule is the key to not wasting time.

  • Moreover it can be an incentive for you to meet your deadlines.


Set a schedule and stick to it without exception.

2. Set monthly, weekly and daily Goals


Your number one enemies are:

  • Wasting your time.
  • Don’t know what to do.


By setting daily, weekly and monthly goals, you’ll know what to do at any given time and whether you are making most of your time or not.


These Goals must be defined and measurable.

  • So you can track them perfectly.

3. Update your Goals Upwards: Be Ambitious


One classic mistake:

  • Set unambitious goals and settle for the result.


As you get used to working from home, you’ll become more productive.

  • Therefore, you must update your goals in an ambitious way.


If you can easily achieve your goals, you should set yourself more ambitious goals.

4. Work Harder in the days you're Most Inspired


Some days, you’ll feel much more inspired than other days.

  • You have to use these days to work harder.


Be flexible in your daily or weekly goals (and also in your schedule) but only to do more in these days.


On the other hand, in “low-motivation” days, you have to be very strict with your goals.

  • Be strict with your goals when you are not motivated and flexible when you are motivated.

5. Make Light and Fast meals


If you love food: cooking, preparing it…

When working at home, it is easy to feel the temptation to prepare good elaborated lunches… but you should not do it.


This advice may sound unusual but, preparing light-fast meals as:

  • Salads.
  • Sandwiches.
  • Grilled Chicken.
  • etc.

Will save you time and a heavy digestion.


Having beef stew for lunch with a good loaf of bread may seem attractive but:

  • It would take time and… you wouldn’t be able to work properly later… Trust us.

6. Evaluate your performance once a month


Once a month (for example) you should evaluate your progress.

  • If you have reached your goals or not.
  • How difficult it has been to achieve these goals.
  • If you could have done more.
  • If you can improve something next month.
  • etc.

You should use the conclusions you get to improve your performance the following month.

But… Is working from home as good as it sounds?

Our experience: Working from Home is Not Easy

If you want or have to work from home, you’ll only be productive if:

  • You are disciplined.
  • You are organized.
  • You can objectively measure how much you have worked.
    • If you have achieved your goals.
    • And how long did it take you.


Then, if you can do these things, you’ll enjoy working from home.


On the other hand:

  • If you can’t be sit down for more than 2 hours without getting up.
  • If you can’t avoid the temptation to watch YouTube in your underwear pretending you’re working…
  • If you don’t have defined and measurable goals to achieve.


Then, you’ll be frustrated.

  • We all work better if we see that we’re achieving something.
    • If we feel productive.


That is why we have proposed those 6 Rules to you.

  • Because no matter how you are, if you follow them strictly, you’ll enjoy working from home much more.


Working from Home is not as Easy as it seems.


If you want to be productive and enjoy working from home you must be:

  • Disciplined.
  • Conscientious.
  • Organized.

Moreover, you should have defined objectives to achieve.


That is why you should follow the next 6 Rules if you want to work from home successfully:

  1. Set a Schedule.
  2. Set monthly, weekly and daily Goals.
  3. Update your Goals Upwards: Be ambitious.
  4. Work Harder in the days you’re Most Inspired.
  5. Make Light and Fast meals.
  6. Evaluate your performance once a month.

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