What is the VMOST Analysis?

The VMOST Analysis is a Tool that offers Companies a Guideline to follow when planning their Operations.


This Guideline consists on 4 Steps.

  • In each of these Steps, it proposes to define certain Factors related to the Company.


Its name is an acronym for the 5 Factors it proposes (it is 4 Steps but 5 Factors):

  • Vision & Mission.
  • Objectives.
  • Strategy.
  • Tactics.

The Four Steps of VMOST Analysis

1. Vision & Mission:

  • Vision: How you see the Market, and its Future.
  • Mission: The Role that the Company plays in it.


2. Objectives: The Goals to be Achieved (and When).

  • They should be Defined and Measurable.


3. Strategy: What Methodology will be used to achieve those Goals.

  • It will vary depending on the project.


4. Tactics: What Actions will be used to comply with that Strategy.

  • Tactics can vary over time while Strategy shouldn’t.

VMOST Template


As we say often, we are aware that all this seems a bit obvious.

However, think about this:

  • It is much better to have a guideline to follow than to improvise.


We have analyzed dozens of Companies throughout our professional career and you would be surprised to know how many Companies hadn’t these Factors perfectly defined.


The best way to understand the VMOST Analysis and how you can use it is by sharing some examples with you:

VMOST Analysis examples

Let’s imagine you are planning to start your own Business.


You have decided to use the VMOST Analysis to guide you in your Operations.

How can it help you?


Let’s see the 3 examples that we’ve prepared for you:

Opening a Restaurant - VMOST Analysis example


You are planning to Open your own Restaurant.


The problem is: You don’t know How to organize your Ideas.

  • Your expectations.
  • What you should do first.
  • etc.

That is why you decide to employ the VMOST Guideline.


How do you use it?


Vision & Mission

  • Your Vision: High-quality Food is very expensive and must be accessible to everyone.
  • Your Mission: To offer high quality food in an affordable and attractive way for everyone.



  • Have the Restaurant Open and fully operational before 6 months.
  • Have a 10% Profit Margin.
  • 20% of your Clients must be Loyal Clients.



  • Customer Satisfaction is at the center of everything.
  • You’ll focus on a Total Quality approach.



  • You’ll implement a Continuous Learning process to find what your Customers value the most.
  • You’ll use recipes that people know but employing good products.
  • You’ll check Social media to track How your Customers perceive your Restaurant..
  • You’ll analyze your Income and Costs once a month.

Blogging - VMOST Analysis example


Now let’s imagine you just Started your own Blog.

  • And you want to earn some money with it.


You decide to use the VMOST Analysis to guide your first Steps.

How do you use it?


Vision & Mission

  • Vision: People are constantly lying and exaggerating on the Internet.
  • Mission: To offer transparent and honest content.



  • Reach 10,000 monthly Page Views by the end of the first year.
  • Reach 50,000 monthly Page Views by the end of the second year.
  • Have an Income of between $500 and $1,000 a month at the end of the second year.



  • You’ll differentiate your content by being 100% Honest and transparent.
  • You’ll use a Content Strategy: You’ll Publish a lot of Helpful Information.
  • You’ll Diversify your Income Sources.



  • You’ll Post 3 times per week Honest and Useful Content.
  • You’ll interact with your Users as much as you can to get Real Feedback.
  • You’ll analyze your Page Views to find what your Users are interested in.
  • You’ll offer e-Books, you’ll place Ads, Affiliate Links, etc.

e-Learning Business - VMOST Analysis example


Now, let’s imagine that you are planning to Start your own e-Learning Business.

  • You have some ideas but, you don’t know What to do First.


That is why you decide to use the VMOST Analysis.



Vision & Mission

  • Vision: The existing courses focus too much on Theory, forgetting about the Practical approach.
  • Mission: You will offer Experience-based courses with Practical examples.



  • Have between 5 and 10 students per month, before the end of your first year.
  • Hire an employee (a experienced Teacher) in your 2nd year.
  • Have your own Site in 6 months.



  • You’ll Customize your Content according to what your Students need.
  • You’ll differentiate yourself by using a Practical approach.



  • You’ll send forms to your users to find out what they are interested in.
  • You will create a network of associates to share with you their experience in different Fields.
  • You’ll Start promoting your courses on Udemy (or any other e-learning platform).
    • Meanwhile, you’ll create your own Site with everything you need.

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