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 “When your headlights aren’t on, the best rearview mirror available isn’t likely to improve your driving.” Marth Rogers

There are thousands of books that talk about strategy, but what is strategy really?

We like defining Strategy simply as: all the right actions that lead you to your goal.

Many people think about winning a tough battle or overtaking your opponents, but a good strategy could be also getting out of a certain market on time, before a big and unstoppable threat swallows you entirely.


Before talking about Strategy, it is really important to make you think about the following thing:

  • What is the purpose of your Company?


We must talk about Mission and Vision:


It is your interpretation of how the market must be regarded or how it will be in the future.

  • This interpretation is usually what inspired your business idea.

It can be considered as the “framework” in which your project will move.

Some companies, regard it as their future Market position, but we think is easier and much more helpful to think about it in the way we have just explained:

  • What the market will look like, or how it can be interpreted.


  • If you founded a Medical N.G.O, your Vision could be:
    • We believe that medical care is a universal right“.


  • If you founded a Micro-credit company, your Vision could be:
    • Everybody should have access to credit“.


  • If you have a Jewelry craft project, your Vision could be:
    • Hand-crafted jewelry must be affordable to everybody and regarded as a synonym of elegance“.


It is the role you would play within your Vision.

This is why Vision and Mission go together: because your Mission must be justified through your Vision.


  • In the Medical N.G.O, your Mission could be:
    • We want to help the people who don’t have access to medical care with free basic medicines“.


  • In the Micro-credit company, your Mission could be:
    • We want to improve access to credit through on-line credits“.


  • In the Craft-handed jewelry, your Mission could be:
    • We want to offer high quality and affordable handmade jewelry, bringing handmade products to the general public“.

So, first of all: think about your Market Vision, and which role or Mission you want to play within.


In this section we will analyze the Markets, the Products, the Competitors… to define which Strategy would make your project successful.

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