Communication, Thoughtfulness & Self-Criticism.

At a first glance, this section may seem a bit “out of place”. However; some of the worst mistakes you can make when starting (or managing) a business are due to a lack of interpersonal skills.

We are not talking about a magic solution or a Zen-magical meditation that would make you to “nail” every decision you made.

This section is a complementary section, just like other sections: If you train certain interpersonal skills but fail miserably in planning your project, or don’t calculate properly all your costs, or don’t work enough in your market positioning… Your project will inevitably sink.


So what is this section about?

In the same way Consuunt shares its experience in Business Assessment, Marketing Positioning, Strategy… we also want to share the main “mistakes” we have seen in our professional lives regarding social and interpersonal skills.


In addition, we also want to share how some of the best and most successful entrepreneurs we have met behaved.

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