Action Plan Template


  • Basic Structure.
    • Main factors: Issue description, Responsibility, Accomplishments’ tracking, dates and Comments.
  • Easy open-structure to modifications.
  • Proven to give good results on different situations due to its simplicity.
  • Very useful for periodical revisions.
  • Check “Success through organization” page.

ID: OP.01

Problem Solving Template


  • Basic Structure:
    • Problem Description, Importance, Frequency and Root Cause.
    • Initial and Permanent Containment Actions description.
  • Easy, flexible and open modifications.
  • Very useful for describing, tracing and solving different problems at the same time.
  • Check “Problem Solving” page.

ID: OP.02

Ishikawa Fishbone diagram Template


  • Basic Fishbone Structure: Activities-Inputs | Issues within different areas | Problem to be solved.
  • Open Word document ready to be used.
  • 3 diagram examples:
    • Blogging monetization problem diagram.
    • SEO ranking problem diagram.
    • e-Commerce profitability problem diagram.
  • Check “Ishikawa Fishbone diagram” page. You’ll find these examples described in detail.

ID: OP.03

8 Disciplines process Template


  • Open Excel sheet with all 8 Disciplines prepared with:
    • The Responsible.
    • Dates.
    • Descriptions at any stage.
    • Actions taken and Validations employed.
  • Template ready to be used and printed if necessary.
  • Check “8 Disciplines Method” page. You’ll find all the 8 Steps perfectly explained.

ID: OP.04

FMEA process Template


  • Open Excel sheet with an FMEA process with:
    • Requirements.
    • Process
      • Potential Failure Modes, Root Causes, Severity, Probability, Detection, Actions taken.
    • Examples.
  • Template ready to be used and printed if necessary.
  • Check “FMEA Process” page. You’ll find this tool perfectly explained.

ID: OP.05

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