What is Consuunt?

We are a European Team formed by professionals with top MBAs, Engineering M.Scs, and Extensive Experience in Industry and Investment sectors (1).


Through the years, we moved towards Venture Capital Investments, analyzing and restructuring companies with a “hidden” economic potential that  were in terrible situations (usually, due to their mismanagement).


Working in this “environment” made us realize something important: A proper orientation in a project’s “first steps”, increases drastically its chances of success.

  • This means having the right market segmentation, the right monetization channel, a realistic business plan with plausible milestones or a well established cost-structure, for example.


We realized that lots of projects are in fact, lacking of this orientation because the people with the right knowledge don’t not care about projects at their initial stages.

  • Usually, professionals with top MBAs and extensive Investing experience, run directly to big companies for making a lot of risk-free money.


There is a huge pool of interesting ideas that could become real and profitable businesses, but they are “orphan” in the most important phase: the beginning, their genesis.

Therefore, this is why we created Consuunt: we want to orientate your first steps, guide you in your business definition, help you improving a Business you already started… in order you to have a greater chance of success.

(1). We can provide credentials and a list of projects developed if necessary.


We want Consuunt to be What Websites Used to be:

A Site Created by People Who love what they do, where all Content is Open.

  • No Membership required.
  • No “Premium” accounts for those Who pay more.
  • etc.


All our Content has been Created and Written by us.

  • And it is Available to Everyone.


We have some Ads to pay the Hosting and our Expenses but, that is all our Monetization.

  • We Understand that this can be a bit annoying at times, but we think it is much better to Offer High Quality Content for Free with Some Ads, rather than asking Users to pay before knowing if the Content is Useful to them.

Why are we called Consuunt?


Consuunt” means, “to Sew in Latin.

  • Our Goal is to “Sew” our Professional Experience, the Different Business disciplines and What Small Businesses and Professionals need, together.

How Else can we Help you?

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