What is the Customer Experience

In Marketing, Customer Experience, or CX, describes what Customers feel in the process of purchasing a product.

  • It also describes the relationship that is created between the Client and the Company.


This Term can be used for describing the interaction between a Customer and any given product.

  • How they use a product.
  • What level of satisfaction does a product offer.
  • If a product meets expectations.
  • etc.


However, Customer Experience analysis is commonly used by Companies to maximize the Client satisfaction.

  • And generate loyal and more profitable customers.

When is Customer Experience important?

You should always try to maximize the Satisfaction of your Customers and, therefore, their Experience when consuming your product.

  • That is absolutely obvious.


However, the Customer Experience analysis, focuses more on the process of purchasing or acquiring the product.

  • Considering this purchasing process as part of the product itself.


And, although you should always try to maximize the satisfaction of your Clients by offering them the best possible product…


The purchase process is more or less important, depending on 2 different factors:

  • The Technical Purpose of the product.
  • The Entertainment Purpose of the product.


The result is 4 main Product Categories:

When is Customer Experience Important?


Customer Experience is Very Important for:

  • NonTechnical HighEntertainment-oriented products.


Customer Experience is Moderately Important for:

  • NonTechnical NonEntertainment-oriented products.
  • HighTechnical HighEntertainment-oriented products.


Customer Experience is Not very Important for:

  • HighTechnical NonEntertainment-oriented products.

This classification is very important because:

  • Building strong customer relationships is difficult, expensive, and time consuming.
    • Therefore, it is vital to know when they are important… and when they are not.


But… How is it possible that Customer Experience is not important for Technical products?

  • The more technical a product is, the more it will be judged by its characteristics.

The problem of enhancing Customer Experience in Technical products


If you generate high expectations regarding your product and, this product can be compared to others technically, with cold numbers … You’d better satisfy your customers.

  • Otherwise, the Customer Experience will be counterproductive.

Think about this:

  • Why aren’t there many Drills commercials?
    • You can easily compare Drills with their specifications.
  • Why are there so many Perfumes Ads?
    • It is impossible to compare Perfumes.

Why is Customer Experience Important?

It doesn’t matter how you analyze it; as the process of purchasing a product or the Experience of the Customer while consuming a product.

Customer Experience is extremely important in Marketing.




It is something psychological:

  • We all remember our experiences.


When we have a good memory, we don’t remember things in a quantitative way:

  • You don’t remember how many people were in the pub the day you met your girlfriend.
  • You don’t remember how many beers you had with your friends last Saturday.
  • You don’t remember the number of pages your favorite book has.

What you remember is what you felt.

  • The good time you had.


What you will remember in 10 years will be the Experiences you had.

OK, Customer Experience is very important.


But… How can you improve it?

  • How can you establish a good relationship with your clients?

How can you improve the Customer Experience?

According to our professional experience, there are 4 main pillars you should focus on if you want to improve your Customer experience.

  • Fortunately, we have an entire page dedicated to each of these 4 pillars.


These 4 Pillars are:

  • Customer Insights.
    • The deep and true motivation that drives a Customer when choosing a certain product or option.


  • Augmented Product.
    •  Everything a product offers that is not directly related to its original purpose.
      • Discover How to offer your Customer a better product in our “Augmented Product” Page.


  • Marketing Storytelling.
    •  If you tell a good Story, your customers may even feel part of your product.


  • Branding.
    • Who you are; which values are associated with your Brand.
      • Discover How to Build your Brand in our “Branding” Page.


Now, let’s see some examples.

Customer Experience Examples

We have chosen 4 interesting Examples where you can appreciate how Customer Experience varies, depending on different products.

  • And how different successful companies have used Customer Experience in very different ways.


Let’s begin:

Disney World - Customer Experience example


Disney World may be one of the best examples of Customer Experience you can find.


In fact… What does Disney World sells? What do they offer?

  • One word: Experience.


Disney World sells nothing but an unforgettable experience for the whole family.


Customer Experience example – Disney World.


As you can see in the image above, Disney World doesn’t offer any technical products.

  • In fact, their goal is that you forget your “Real Logical” world.


How did Disney built its unique Customer Experience?


Over the years, Disney has built an incredibly strong relationship with its Customers.

  • Movies.
  • TV Shows.
  • Toys.
  • etc.


What they do in Disney World?

They make you feel like a child, reminding you all the good moments you had with their movies.

PlayStation - Customer Experience example


This example is very important for you to understand Why High Technical and Entertainment-purpose products don’t need Customer Experience “that much”.


Think about this:

When PlayStation releases a new console… They don’t promote using:

  • Feelings.
  • Attachment to the Brand.
  • etc.

They highlight the new Specifications and Graphics.


Customer Experience example – PlayStation.


Sony doesn’t evoke Customers feelings in their PlayStation presentations, or in the purchase process.


Of course, they use their famous game sagas, as a magnet.

But, the Customer Experience, understood as the Purchase Process experience, is something secondary.


How they got so successful?


They focus on having game-developer-friendly consoles with high specifications.

  • That is why PlayStation has such a vast catalog of games.


Moreover, they also “milk” their famous game franchises:

  • Metal Gear Solid.
  • Tekken.
  • Final Fantasy.
  • etc.

Nespresso - Customer Experience example


What can be more common than coffee?

  • Coffee is a Cheap non-essential product.


It is not a Technical product.

  • Unless you buy a special coffee from Colombia or Costa Rica.

It is not an Entertainment-purpose product.


Therefore, the Customer Experience is only moderately important.

  • You want your customers to enjoy your Coffee, of course but the process of approaching to the customer is not extremely important.


Customer Experience – Nespresso


The interesting thing about Nespresso (and that is why we have chose this product/company) is how they tried to be both a technical product and use the Customer experience.


If we compare their “Customer Experience” Strategy, compared to those employed by PlayStation, Nespresso has tried harder to engage with their customers:

  • Nice shops.
  • Free Coffees.
  • “Exclusive appearance”.
  • etc.


Moreover, they use a unique patented coffee-capsule technology.


Then, how Nespresso uses Customer Experience?


Humbly speaking, we honestly think that Nespresso should not try to “push” the Customer Experience forward.

  • All those George Clooney commercials, that expensive shops… Are almost useless.


Their success is due to their easy-to-use, quick and simple coffee machines.

  • People don’t regard Nespresso as something exclusive.


Customers like the design, package and features of their coffee machines… and that is where the “purchasing Customer Experience” should end.

  • They would save millions of euros.

Dyson vacuum cleaner - Customer Experience example


Dyson is a very interesting company to analyze.

  • Its founder, James Dyson is a genius that has patented hundreds of inventions.


We all have seen Dyson commercials.

But what do Dyson commercials highlight?

  • Feelings?
  • Memories?

No. Dyson commercials highlight technical specifications.


Customer Experience – Dyson example.


Again, they want their customers to have the best possible experience. The best experience with their product.


But, regarding how they approach to their Customers, they don’t need to “sweeten” the purchase process.


How is Dyson doing without enhancing their Customer Experience?


  • Total Revenue: 4.8 billion euros.
  • Net Profits: 1.5 billion euros.


Not bad.


The Customer Experience, describes what Customers feel in the process of purchasing a product.

  • It is commonly used by Companies to maximize the Client satisfaction.


This purchase process is more or less important, depending on 2 different factors:

  • The Technical Purpose of the product.
  • The Entertainment Purpose of the product.


According to this classification:

Customer Experience is Very Important for:

  • Non-Technical High-Entertainment-oriented products.

Customer Experience is Moderately Important for:

  • Non-Technical Non-Entertainment-oriented products.
  • High-Technical High-Entertainment-oriented products.

Customer Experience is Not very Important for:

  • High-Technical Non-Entertainment-oriented products.


There are 4 main pillars you should focus on if you want to improve your Customer experience.

  • Customer Insights.
  • Augmented Product.
  • Marketing Storytelling.
  • Branding.

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