It is possible that you have heard about this Management Style…

…But you don’t even know what Autocratic means…


Let’s see the Oxford Dictionary:

  • Taking no account of other people’s wishes or opinions; domineering.


As you can see, Autocratic is virtually a synonym with Authoritarian.


As you may have already guessed, the Autocratic Management is a type of Management in which Managers have absolute Power and do not accept Objections.


Let’s see then the Characteristics of this Management Style:


Characteristics of Autocratic Management


The Manager does not usually accept Feedback from his Subordinates.

  • He/She commands, and the others just obey.


The Hierarchical structure is Reduced.

  • So the Managers can Implement their Commands with no interference.


Decisions are Implemented very Quickly.

  • Since there is little internal bureaucracy.


Managers are usually employees of the Company.

  • Rather than external signings. They must know the Company very well.


You may be wondering:

  • But, why would these companies accept such authoritarian Management Style?


There are many occasions where this is very normal, and even the most adequate.


We’ll give you some examples:


Examples of Autocratic Management Style


Industrial Companies.

  • Things must be done with precision and changes must be made quickly.


A Company that is going through an internal Restructuring.

  • It will only survive if Changes are adopted Quickly.


New Born Companies.

  • To get big quickly, they need to not have too much internal bureaucracy.


As you can see, for certain Projects, this Management Style is not the Best.

For example:

  • For certain Creative Projects.
  • For Big Institutions that need Internal Controls.
  • For Companies that depend on the Talent of their employees.
  • etc.




Pros and Cons of an Autocratic Management



  • Decisions are made and Implemented Quickly.
  • The Company needs less Internal Structure.
  • It is the best Management Style during Economic Crisis.



  • It Depends on the Talent of the Manager.
  • It lacks of Internal Controls.
  • Employees usually don’t like it.

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