We live in a time when Creativity is praised by all.

  • We see movies about Creative people, we buy “innovative” products, etc.


The question is: Is Creativity good in Management?


Short answer:

  • Only if properly applied.

To be Creative, as a Manager, is very risky.


Managing and being creative tend not to mix particularly well.

  • We don’t know why but, that is what our experience tells us.


If you think about it, it makes sense:

  • Managing is Maintaining a certain Structure, and its Future.
  • Being Creative is, precisely, not Keeping Old Practices.


This is why, normally, we don’t encourage Managers to be Creative “per se”.

  • Other thing is to promote Creativeness inside a particular Team.
    • That is highly recommendable.


But, that being said, How can you be Creative as a Manager?


Characteristics of a Creative Manager


Applies New Trends, in a controlled way.

  • First, he/she ensures that the New Methods work properly.


Gets Creative in finding new ways to Reward the Team.

  • That is a safe way of innovating without jeopardizing your operations.


Encourages Creativity and Channels it towards Productivity.

  • The Manager guides the Creativity of his/her employees.


Prevents Sterile Innovations.

  • Creativity can be a Black Hole that sucks Resources… For nothing.


As you can see, the most successful Creative Managers contain useless Innovations.


That is Why Apple, one of the most innovative companies on Earth, has few Product Lines.

  • Even if it is the Largest Company by Market Capitalization.


Because they know that Creativity is something that can be both the Best and the Worst a Company can do.

  • A Good Product boosts your Sales… But a bad one can ruin the Company.


Sometimes it’s much better to stick with what works.

  • While other times, your only option is to innovate… or die.


If you are a manager, you should always be careful about new things.


You should encourage finding new and better ways to solve problems…

… But not having Creativity as a Goal in itself.

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