Many years ago, we were restructuring an Industrial company related to Cookware.

  • Kitchen utensils.


While we were restructuring the Company, we met a Team Manager that, apparently, had everything under control.

  • He mastered the Manufacturing Process.
  • He knew all the details of any Quality Issue.
  • He knew all the employees.
  • etc.


But, as soon as we Discovered How the Company worked (to fully understand the potential of a Company, we need to understand How it works)… We started to see things we didn’t like about his Management Style.


We found out that:

  • He knew “everything”, but he only cared if things were done the way he wanted.
    • He didn’t want to implement orders from his Boss (the Production Manager).
  • His subordinates did not speak to him transparently.
    • Because he was threatening them the entire day.
  • He despised the feedback from the Marketing Team.
    • He thought that certain quality complains were “stupid”.


That is not being a good Leader.


As we have repeated many times, a True Leader foresees the future and acts for the good of the Team he Leads.

  • This makes your team respect you.


This Team Manager was a good sheriff, no doubt, but, as the Company was in a terrible situation, things had to Change.


Since we had to Restructure the Company, we needed to introduce many necessary Changes:

  • And, the last thing you want in a Changing situation is an stubborn Manager.
    • Which he was.


What can you learn from this Example?

  • Sometimes, you can be a Good Manager, in a particular Situation, being a Bad Leader.


When things are going well, sometimes you just need a sheriff to keep things straight.


But, when things change, you need a good Leader who thinks about the future of the Company, regardless of his/her personal convictions.


In case you are wondering what happened to this guy:

  • We made him Quality Manager, a role that was a perfect fit for him, and we hired a new Team Manager.
    • Also, the Quality Manager was of retirement age.


He was stubborn, but we needed his knowledge.

  • We only had to make him work in a different environment.

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