If there has been a CEO whose Leadership Style has marked an era (with all due respect to Elon Musk) it is Steve Jobs.


Steve Jobs was not the best programmer of his time.

  • Wozniak was much better programmer than he was.

He was not Apple’s Chief Designer.

  • That was Jony Ive.

We was not a charming nice Boss.

  • Numerous testimonies suggest that he was stubborn, tough and, at times, cruel.


As you may already know, he made Apple the all-powerful company it is today by following his vision of what the company had to become.


He foresaw the relationship we would all have with technology in the future and he went after it.

  • That was the key of Apple’s success.


Of course, we can’t teach you how to be as smart and inspired as Steve Jobs was (we wish we could).

But we can analyze the traits and behaviors that made him the Visionary Leader for which he is remembered:


Steve Jobs Leadership


He transmitted the passion he felt by what we was doing.

  • He once told a Pepsico manager he was trying to hire:
    • ¿Do you want to keep selling sugar water, or do you prefer to come with me to change the world?


He didn’t try to do what wasn’t his job.

  • He coordinated and told people what they had to do, or course.
    • But, he was aware that he contributed with his Global Vision, not his technical skills.


He was tough when he thought it was necessary.

  • This may work better if you are a Visionary Genious as he was.
    • But, it is important to highlight that there are very good and successful tough Leaders.


He was persistent in achieving his vision.

  • When he failed, he didn’t quit: He analyzed what failed, and tried again years later.
    • That is what happened with the Apple’s Newton: It failed but, years later came the iPad.


He pursued Quality as a Top Priority.

  • Any Apple product has a wonderful design and superior Performance.
    • That makes Apple the Leading Company and its margins, the largest in the market.

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