You may have had a Good boss whom you consider your mentor.

  • Someone you Respect and Appreciate because he took his time and dedication to help you, making you grow both personally and professionally.


This Leadership Style is commonly known as Coaching Leadership.

  • It is Characterized by Guiding people to get the best out of them.


As usual, this definition is a bit ambiguous.


Let’s analyze what Characterizes this Leadership Style and then, we’ll see some examples:


Characteristics of Coaching Leaders


They think Long Term, rather than the Short Term.

  • They know that if they guide people now, the Results will be good in the future.


They Study people to find out what they need to Improve on.

  • They use Excel sheets or other methods to list strengths and weaknesses.


They Use and Improve their Social Skills constantly.

  • They know that they are key to knowing and understanding people.


They Genuinely Care about the people they train.

  • They don’t follow a cold guideline.


As you can see, this Leadership Style is not as simple as saying:

  • “Help people and that is all”.

That would be more the Servant Leadership (grosso modo, and badly summarized).




Usually, Coaching Leaders, study in depth the Skills of their employees.

  • With Excel Sheets, Rankings, etc.

Creating long term Career Development plans.


Let’s look at some Examples of Coaching Leaders that you probably have never thought of, so that you have a reference:


Examples of Coaching Leadership


Your Parents.

  • There is no better example than good parents.
  • They track your progress in life… and Always help you out.


The Coaches of individual Athletes (Boxers, Tennis Players…).

  • They research the best techniques, and skills necessary, track progress made…
  • And they also care about the mental health of their wards.


A Boss that helps you to promote, even to his Position.

  • There are Bosses who don’t think selfishly, and guide you until you even surpass them.
  • These people are rare… So take advantage of their knowledge if you find them.


Your Wife or Husband.

  • Your travel companion in life, helps you improve more than you can imagine.
  • In fact, they almost always see our weaknesses better than we do ourselves.

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