A Leader is someone with Responsibilities.

  • Professional and/or Social responsibilities.


That is Why Leaders try not waste their time.

  • Since it is very valuable.


This fact makes Effectiveness the cornerstone of a Good Leader.


But, How can Leaders be more Effective?

  • How do Good Leaders do it?


We have met many Leaders throughout our Professional Careers (we deal every day with Owners of Companies, Top Managers an CEOs)…

…And, we can assure you that, the best ones, were very Effective people.


We’ve tried to summarize the Qualities that made them Effective:


Qualities of Effective Leaders


Use as few words as possible.

  • Don’t say in 5 words, what can be said with 3.


Use a Time limit on your Meetings.

  • More than 30 minutes is, 99% of the time, unnecessary.


Make sure people has understood the message.

  • It is better to waste some time explaining something, than explaining it 2 times.


Focus your effort in the people that need to be Lead the most.

  • Do not “overlead” proactive autonomous people. Just trust them.


Don’t try to Control Everything.

  • It is a common way to waste energy… And an Impossible task.


Guide, more than Impose.

  • If you Guide, people “walk with their own feet” to reach their Goals.


Use Goals to assess Progress.

  • Specific, Defined and Measurable Goals.


Assign Tasks to Individuals.

  • The responsibility must fall on a recognizable face, otherwise it fades away.


Don’t Over-Analyze things

  • Avoid paralysis by analysis: Analyze, Reflect, Act, and Analyze the Results.

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