As we have told you on many occasions, there are multiple ways of conceiving what a Leader is.

  • And, usually, the role of a Leader varies depending on the Situation.


The Qualities needed are different, in different scenarios.

  • Sometimes you need a Strong Decided Leader.
  • Other times you Need a good Negotiator.
  • Other times you Need Democratic-Empathetic Leader…


But, there is one quality or, Leadership Style, that is commonly forgotten:

  • The Servant Leadership.


What is exactly that?

  • The Servant Leadership is a type of Leadership that is based on helping and guiding people, as a way of Leading them.


How is this possible?

How can you Lead by helping?



When you help someone, you make them dependent on you.

  • They become “slave” of your help.

And, the more you help them, the more they need you.


We know this can be a bit confusing.

Let’s see some Examples:


Examples of Servant Leadership


Anyone Who is always helping his friends with Homework.

  • If there is a good relationship within the group of friends…
  • … The one who is always helping others acquires prominence over time.


A Mentor who guides you.

  • When someone helps you professionally, you establish a bond of gratitude with him/her.
  • It can be your Boss, or somebody from other department.


A Boss that takes time to help you, even if he is busy.

  • When you see that you are his priority, you are enormously grateful.
  • Especially if you feel that he really cares about you.


A Boss who helps his Team in difficult times, even if he doesn’t have to.

  • Working shoulder to shoulder with a boss is usually inspiring.
  • This makes his Team to feel inspired by his determination.


We are aware that these examples are a bit ambiguous.


But, you can surely differentiate when a Boss is honestly helping you

… And when he is forced because you are messing something up.


There is a fine line between a Servant Leader and a Meddler.


Let’s try to summarize what Characterizes a True Servant Leader.

So you can practice this Leadership approach:


Characteristics of Servant Leaders


They are not always Serving others, as it name suggests.

  • Be a Servant Leader does not imply to be 100% of your time behaving like a butler.
  • Thus, when Serving, your help is much more appreciated.


They care about the Professional/Personal development of their Team.

  • They don’t pretend.
  • When they offer help, you can feel they are acting in good faith.


They Prioritize Who needs their help the most.

  • They don’t help everyone asking for help.
  • They know who needs their help the most and who is just pretending.


They know How to say No.

  • Their “presence” is their Asset; they shouldn’t waste it.
  • They must keep the Interest high; otherwise, they will no longer be respected.
    • Remember: It is called Servant Leader, not Slave Leader.

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