As Football is the most popular Sport in the Planet, we thought it would be interesting to analyze How different Coaches do it.


It is not easy to Manage and Lead a Team of Famous Superstars.

  • Not easy at all.


As you can guess, there are multiple ways to approach this enormous challenge.

  • And, one of them is the Method employed by José Mourinho.


José Mourinho


In case you don’t know who this man is, and why do we use as an example…


He is one of the best football (soccer) coaches in the world, that got famous for being very rude to sportswriters.

But, there was a strategy behind his behavior.


Let’s see what Characterizes the Leadership Style of José Mourinho:


Jose Mourinho Leadership Style


He carries the burden of Criticism on his back.

  • That is why he is so “rude” with the journalists.
    • He wants to protect his Team from criticism.


He has a Strong Temperament.

  • In this way, he gets his Team to respect him.
    • A Team formed by Young, Rich and Famous Kids.


He requires the Club to be paid as much as the Stars of its Team.

  • To position himself on an equal footing with his Team.
    • Like it or not, the more you’re paid, the more people respect you.


He is very Ambitious.

  • He leaves Humility to others.
    • This way, he motivates the Team, and if they don’t Success, he blames himself.


He forecasts his Strong Vision.

  • He is both a Transactional and a Transformational Leader.
    • This means that he Rewards, Punishes, but also Convinces with his Visions.


As you can see, this Coach uses a curious Strategy:

  • Draw all the Attention to himself and Relieve as much Stress as possible from his Team.


This earns him the Respect of his Team.


Also, he has to use a Strong-Temper Style because in Sports, surrounded by Literally Rich Kids, you need to be regarded as a Paternal Figure.

  • Someone they instinctively respect.

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