One of the most important things a good Leader does is to resolve Conflicts.

No matter if it is a professional or a social dispute.


When Conflicts arise, it is the Leader the one who tends to solve the Situation.



  • Because everybody accepts his Authority.
  • Because everybody knows he/she has the best Intuition.
  • Because he/she tends to be Right most of the time.
  • Because everybody knows he is Fair.


Conflicts are inevitable.

  • We are humans, and it is very normal to not agree on everything.

That is one of the reasons why leaders are so necessary.


But… How do they Manage Conflicts?

What is the Secret to Correctly Handle Conflicts?


Since no two Leaders are the same, each of them has different approaches.

  • Different Styles.


Let’s see the main Conflict Management Styles:


Conflict Management Styles


The search for the Root Cause.

  • Mediate in the Conflict looking for its Origin.
  • 99% of the time, conflicts arise due to misunderstandings.


Downplay the Conflict.

  • Softening the consequences of an Issue.
  • This way, the people involved will be able to think better.


To temporarily Freeze the Conflict.

  • Get the people involved to think about other things.
  • This way, those who had the conflict, will calm down.


To Analyze and Take part in a Calmed way.

  • This is, sometimes, the best way to mediate.
  • When one party is clearly right.


As you can see, these Styles require certain Skills.

Solving Conflicts are not as easy as it seems.


Otherwise, this World would be a peaceful Utopia.


But… What Skills should you enhance?


Conflict Management Skills


Be Cold-Minded.

  • Overly passionate people tend to lose their temper.
    • To calm everyone down, you must be calm.


Be Fair.

  • If you favor one person more than the other, you won’t be Objective.
    • Also, this will make people lose respect towards you.


Be Practical.

  • Your goal is to solve the problem, not to find out who is more to blame.
    • Going deeper into guilt, does not solve anything.


Be Inquisitive.

  • Don’t settle for the first explanation you find.
    • The Issue must be properly solved.


Be Magnanimous.

  • Forgive the mistakes, since we are all human; We all make them.
    • Magnanimous Leaders are loved and admired.

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