We live in the era of innovation.

From data, to cars or money… It seems that Innovation surrounds everything we do.


But, how impacts innovation to something as “primal” as the Leadership?

Does it play any role at all?


Yes, of course.


A Leader is someone who sets the path to follow.

  • Someone that sees what should be done in the future.

When we look for a leader, we look for someone that knows what would be the best way to follow.


Innovation, on the other hand, is basically doing things in a new and more efficient way.


Therefore, in one way or another, a Leader must be open to Innovations.

  • As he/she is someone that will decide what will be done in the future.


Many Leaders are not aware of this, and act without realizing that, some day, their prescriptions will not be as good as they used to be, because there are New Ways of doing things.

  • Much more efficient. More Innovative.


Innovation is Key to maintaining a Leadership position over time.

  • And also for New Leaders, who want to break through with more efficient prescriptions than those of their predecessors.


A very good example of this Type of Leadership is Steve Jobs.


He committed many mistakes as a Leader.

But, what nobody could ever deny, is that he always looked for New Ways of doing things.


And, in the end (even if at the beginning it played against him) he proved to be right.

  • He had the Right Vision, but had to wait until the Technology could satisfy his Ideas.


However… How can a Leader embrace Innovation?

What should be embraced, exactly?


Examples of Innovative Leadership


Force yourself to do things in a New Way, even if they work correctly.

  • Try to do non-important things in a New Way.
  • If this New Way doesn’t work, go no further.
  • If it actually works, implement the New Procedure to other Decisions.


Be patient with your New Ideas or Innovations.

  • Sometimes you have to wait for the right moment for something to work.
  • New Technologies evolve, and the first versions tend not to be the best ones.
  • Have always various alternatives, and give them time to mature.


Combine New Technologies with expired Concepts.

  • Old Concepts existed for a reason.
  • Sometimes, a New Procedure can Revive outdated fads.
  • Think about the “Nintendo Mini”, the Vinyl renaissance, etc.


Don’t blindly stick to what has worked so far.

  • Surround yourself with people who think very differently from you.
  • Assume that, as time goes by, your current “vision” will inevitably fail.
  • This is Why all Leaders end up making big mistakes, with the passage of time.

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