As we have mentioned on multiple occasions, to Lead is to set a Path.

  • A Reference everyone follows.


No matter if you Lead within a Company, or a Group of friends.

People view the Leader as the one with the last word, because he/she tends to be right.

  • Someone who sees things in advance.
  • Someone who tends to be right about decisions, people… And what is important.


That is why we need Leaders.


And that is Why Leaders must know How to Adapt to New Situations.

  • Because, otherwise, their judgement would fail sooner rather than later.


The Best Leaders Adapt their judgments, their visions, to New Situations.

  • Think of a General who has to adapt Strategy to a changing battlefield.
  • Think of a President (a good one) who has to Adapt Policy to a Changing World.
  • Think of a CEO who has to cut Jobs, Modify Strategy… Based on a the Market.


But, How Leaders adapt their judgment?

How can you do it, or at least boost it?


Examples of Adaptive Leadership


Be well Informed of Current Affairs.

  • Worldwide, National and Regional affairs; Policies, Technology, etc.
  • A National policy can impact your life and Business at any moment.
  • Don’t ignore what’s going on and, maybe, you can anticipate what may come.


Stay informed of what your Competition is doing.

  • If you Lead a Company, you have to protect it, and its future.
  • You and your Competitors are “fighting” for the same “food”.
  • Never lose sight of your current and future competitors.


It is often better to be Second than First.

  • The First assumes many Risks that the Second does not.
  • The companies that made the most money from mp3 players didn’t invent it.
  • Be willing to do New Things, but let others jump into the Pool first.


Don’t be afraid of Copying others.

  • Learn from the Mistakes and Successes of others.
  • Adapt what they did to what you can do.
  • Success is better than Originality.

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