As we always mention, a Leader is someone that people look up to.



  • Because he/she cares for a group of people.
  • Because he mediates and resolves the internal conflicts of a group.
  • Because he anticipates future situations and acts in advance.
  • Because he tends to be right.


That’s why people tend to be interested in what Leaders think.

  • Their thoughts and Ideas.


Therefore, the best weapon a Leader has is his own mind.

  • And his Team, of course.


With this fact in had, some Leaders use the Influence of their Ideas, to Lead.

  • This is called Thought Leadership.


But, How does it work?


Let’s see some examples so you can see how this type of Leadership is carried out:


Thought Leadership Examples


Elon Musk.

The owner of Twitter and Tesla, uses his massive influence to Lead Changes in his Companies.

  • You could see this when he:
    • Purchased Twitter.
    • Supported Free Speech.
    • Revived the Space race with SpaceX.

He has been key in the global development of the Electric Vehicle.


Warren Buffet.

The legendary investor is famous for his “Value” Investment philosophy.

  • He Leads the entire Financial World:
    • With his annual Berkshire Hathaway conferences.
    • Through his Investments and Market positioning.
    • Not investing in certain things (like bitcoin).

His mere fixation on a Stock is a guarantee that it will rise.


Bill Gates.

The founder of Microsoft is famous for his influence on different Global Issues.

Whenever he talks, people listen, no matter if he talks about:

  • Climate Change.
  • Global pandemics.
  • Poverty.

Like it or not, he is a World Leader who uses his Ideas to influence policy.


As you can see Thought Leaders create a cohesive Cloud of Ideas, that defines them.

  • This Cloud is what guides their actions and helps them convince people to achieve a Vision.


What Cloud of Ideas do these Leaders that we have just mentioned have?


We could say, very briefly:

  • Elon Musk:
    • The Freedom of the Individual is the most important thing.
    • The Interconnection among individuals is vital.
    • We all know what is best for ourselves.
  • Warren Buffet:
    • Good things are those that last over time.
    • The key to investing is to see what Value a Company creates.
    • A good reputation is king in Business.
  • Bill Gates:
    • The World should be a United place.
    • Community is more important than Individuals.
    • Sometimes people don’t know what is best for them.

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